Costa Rica Fishing Report - September 15, 2022
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Costa Rica Fishing Report - September 15, 2022

Date Published:
Sept 15, 2022
Costa Rica Fishing Report - September 15, 2022

Costa Rica Fishing Report - September 15, 2022

Ready to sail forth on the calm seas of Los Sueños Marino for the ultimate sportfishing trip? Look no further than our top-of-the-line fishing charter experiences.

The Perks of September Weather in Jaco & Los Sueños

True, September comes right in the midst of Costa Rica’s rainy season. However, that can certainly offer its benefits to anglers in the area. Though the sun tends to play hide and seek throughout the day, the September winds are usually the mildest of the year. Average wind speeds typically fall at less than 5 MPH, so you can enjoy some calmer seas on your day out fishing.

The fish will also be enjoying a lovely underwater atmosphere. Average water temperatures in the Los Sueños and Jaco, Costa Rica areas in September are in the low 80’s Fahrenheit, which is why such a wide variety of enviable catches love taking up residence in these waters.

Be Ready for More Tuna

Fishing Trip at Los Suenos

Celebrate the implementation of the recently passed Tuna Reform in Costa Rica with a trip out on the hunt for some impressive Yellowfin Tuna. While the size of the average Yellowfin caught near Los Sueños and Jaco typically starts to decline in September, it’s not unheard of for our fishing charters to reel in one that’s a couple hundred pounds at this time of year.

Marlin Still on the Menu

Though it’s technically off-season for the Blue, Black, and Striped Marlin that frequent the waters of Los Sueños, that doesn’t mean they have vacated the area. The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is renowned for its consistently fruitful waters, and our elite charters are still seeing these beauties pulled in at this time of year.

Should I Go Fishing in the Rain?

September does tend to be, on average, the rainiest month of the year in Costa Rica. But even though there may be a 93% chance of showers on any given day, that doesn’t mean visitors to this verdant country are going to be constantly soaked.

In general, rainy days really only see about .01 inch of precipitation - which, of course, is not very much. In addition, September tends to be the calmest month for wind, which blows at an average speed of about 7.2 MPH this time of year.

This month tends to be pretty cloudy, of course, which can be a big benefit to anglers. With clear or sunny skies for only about 22% of the day, the overcast atmosphere tends to make fish more active and ready to bite.

So dress light for a comfortably warm day, but make sure to bring your rain gear for when those clouds do decide to give you a little shower. Rest assured that, if you do happen to be out on a boat when the rain comes, our captains are prepared to make sure you’re as safe and comfortable as possible.

What’s the Difference Between Inshore and Offshore Fishing?

Charter at Los Suenos

If you take an “inshore” fishing trip, typically you’ll be on a smaller charter boat hunting for fish around the reefy and rocky areas of Los Sueños Marina. Common catches inshore include Roosterfish, Snapper, Grouper, Snook, and others. These species tend to prefer live bait and can make for an active trip.

If you hire a bigger vessel to take you several miles offshore, you’ll want to be armed with some dead bait to troll for billfish like Blue Marlin or Pacific Sailfish in addition to larger Yellowfin Tuna or Dorado. If you’re at a depth of 100 feet or so, your boat’s crew might suggest attempting some bottom fishing.

Ready for the inshore or offshore fishing excursion of your life? We’ve got the perfect charter boat for you.