Costa Rica Fishing Report - October 1, 2022
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Costa Rica Fishing Report - October 1, 2022

Date Published:
Oct 01, 2022
Costa Rica Fishing Report - October 1, 2022

Costa Rica Fishing Report - October 1, 2022

It’s finally October in Jaco and Los Sueños! The jungle landscapes are a dazzling and vibrant green, the atmosphere is so delightful, and there are plenty of top-of-the-line charter boats ready to take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime. This Costa Rica fishing report for Los Sueños will have you prepared for the best October fishing adventure possible.

October Weather for Fishing in Jaco, Costa Rica

This month is one of the coldest of the year in Costa Rica, but that doesn’t mean you should pack your long underwear. Average temperatures in October near Los Sueños and Jaco tend to be in the upper 70’s to upper 80’s (Fahrenheit).

Though it’s still green season in Costa Rica, what has felt like endless cloud cover will gradually decrease throughout the month. There’s about a 50% chance that each day will be considered a “wet day” in Jaco, which would mean that there is at least 0.04 in of rain that day.

Mahi Mahi Everyday

Mahi Mahi at Los Suenos

As October fishing reports come in from the charters, we expect to see a Mahi Mahi count practically every day. These impressive biters - also called Dorado - love to come out to play during this time of the year, as the afternoon showers create their ideal water conditions.

“Dolphin fish” enjoy snacking on smaller varieties of fish, so when you are out on your boat, look for floating debris that might be attracting this aquatic “fast food.” If you see a flock of feasting seagulls, that could be a good clue that Mahi Mahi are nearby as well!

Mahi Mahi are notable in appearance for their high foreheads and dazzling colors as they near the surface. Once you spot him in the water, it’s a good idea to get the boat to stop as you lure him in with your bait!

Blue Marlin Making a Comeback

Blue Marlin at Los Suenos

Everyone rejoices to see a Blue Marlin on the line during a deep-sea fishing trip, and Los Sueños is the place to be for that at any time of year. In October, this area plays hosts to lots of migratory baitfish, so big predators like Marlin follow suit.

Costa Rica’s surrounding waters are home to Black, Striped, and Blue Marlin, but the blue ones are definitely the most prevalent. Though their peak season is January through April, our fishing charters hook them all year round. They are the largest gamefish in the ocean, and it’s not unheard of to find one over 1,000 pounds (also known as a Grander)!

Things to Do After Your Sportfishing Trip

4x4 Sunset Tours in Jaco

Full-day fishing trips on our world-class charter boats typically go from 7am-3pm, so even after returning from your day on the sea and recovering with a quick nap in your comfortable accommodations, there’s still time to schedule in another unforgettable adventure before the day is over.

Here are a few great things you can do near Los Sueños, Costa Rica during the evening:

  • Rainforest Sunset Tour: There’s nothing quite like a Costa Rican sunset. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the sun’s final moments over the Pacific Ocean and the Nicoya Peninsula with some refreshing beverages.
  • Sibo Rainforest Spa: Work out any tension or soreness from handling all those humungous gamefish with a visit to Los Sueños Resort’s Sibo Rainforest Spa. Unwind with a hot stone massage or herbal body wrap.
  • Dining Out: If you’ve worked up an appetite during your fishing excursion, indulge in one of Los Sueños’s top restaurants. Make it a full day of fish with a dinner at Bambu Sushi, or enjoy some authentic Italian cuisine at Lanterna Ristorante with a sunset view of the Pacific.
Are you ready for the perfect day in Los Sueños Marina? Book the ideal fishing charter boat ahead of time and make plans for the best evening to wrap it all up.