Costa Rica Fishing Report - September 1, 2022
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Costa Rica Fishing Report - September 1, 2022

Date Published:
Sept 01, 2022
Costa Rica Fishing Report - September 1, 2022

Costa Rica Fishing Report - September 1, 2022

Ready to add a bit of sport and adventure to your September? Booking a fishing charter out of Los Sueños Marina is the perfect pastime - and one that is bound to be memorable for all anglers heading out this month.

How’s September for Fishing in Costa Rica?

It’s not time to let go of summer yet - there’s still plenty of opportunity to get away for the fishing trip of a lifetime in famed Los Sueños Marina.

In September, anglers can anticipate a pleasantly warm humidity in Costa Rica, with average temperatures ranging between about 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 83 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s still rainy season, but the verdant rainforest is in full bloom for everyone to witness. There’s a good 12 hours of daylight available to those out on the boats, as the sun rises around 5:30 AM and sets a little after 5:30 PM.

What You Might Catch in Los Sueños in September

With the rains stirring up the baitfish up and down the shores of Costa Rica, there is plenty of variety available to catch in Los Sueños Marina. Here are a few abundant species to keep an eye out for during your fishing trip:


Inshore, look for a chance to snag a Roosterfish. September is the last month of peak Roosterfish season in the Central Pacific. These unique-looking fish are one of the most sought-after species among sportfishers, with their spiky dorsal fin evoking comparisons of their combed namesake. They love live bait!


Another type of fish you might find inshore is the Cubera Snapper, though you should head out a bit deeper near reefs if you’re looking for a large one. These delicious catches can live for over six decades and often grow over 100 pounds.

Good fishing Day at Los Suenos

Mahi Mahi

This is a great time of year to reel in a gigantic Mahi Mahi, or Dorado. The big bulls can be strong, but they are generally easier to catch than the more aggressive types of fish in the waters surrounding Jaco and Los Sueños. They tend to be voracious and not too picky about what they take a bite of.


Speaking of aggressive, you’re likely to find plenty of Wahoo feeding offshore in September. These are some of the fastest swimmers in the ocean and they will bite through absolutely anything you toss out, so make sure to have a sturdy wire leader for them.

Tuna Reform Law Now in Effect

Tuna catch at Los Suenos

Last month, Costa Rica’s governing body passed a law that states tuna sein boats must stay at least 80 miles from shore. These seiners target the beautiful and humungous tuna species that are popularly caught in this area, but they often have a heavy collateral toll. In effect, this law should mean that many of the marlin, sailfish, dolphins, and other fish that have often fallen victim to the mass catches of foreign commercial fishing vessels will be more accessible for recreational anglers enjoying a day on the fishing charters.

Save room in your stomach: the new legislation is also going to up the number of tunas that tourist charter operators are allowed to bring to port from 5 to 15. While those simply enjoying a day fishing can’t sell the tuna, operators of Los Sueños fishing boats will be able to get permits to do so.

Ready to take advantage of the newly freed up waters? Contact Adventure Tours Costa Rica today and ask for our best charter that’s still available!