Costa Rica Fishing Report October 2021
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Costa Rica Fishing Report October 2021

Date Published:
Oct 01, 2021
Costa Rica Fishing Report October 2021

Costa Rica Fishing Report October 2021

Fishing in Costa Rica in October

You might hear from some people that October is not the ideal time to fish on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast. But those people are probably just trying to save all the big catches for themselves.

Admittedly, the fishing near Los Suenos and Jaco is a little bit quieter this time of year, but anyone who tells you there’s nothing to catch just doesn’t know where to look. Our charters are still seeing nice hauls of roosterfish, mahi mahi and marlin, and there’s plenty to catch inshore, too.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about fishing in Costa Rica in October.

How’s the October Fishing Weather in Costa Rica?

28' boat at Los Sueos

Fall has arrived in Los Suenos, which means the temperature is ticking up.

Expect daily average highs in the region of 88 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s going to be pretty consistent, too — the temperatures are rarely going to dip below 84 degrees F or rise above 92 degrees F.

We’re also moving out of the cloudy months. Skies will still be cloudy but to a lesser extent with around 85 percent cloud coverage. This month, precipitation is going to decrease as time passes. We start October with fairly high chances of rainy days, but the likelihood drops rapidly as the month progresses. The average rainfall in October is around six inches.

Around Oct. 8, the Jaco and Los Suenos areas will see what’s usually the windiest day of the year, but the wind is going to slow down gradually over the rest of the month. The average wind speed for October is around 6.4 miles per hour.

As for sea temperatures, we’re only going to be slightly cooler than September at a fairly consistent surface temperature of 82 degrees F.

Best Fish to Catch in Costa Rica: October

As you can see above, the weather conditions October brings to this area don’t make for perfect fishing, but this area is so bountiful that we still find plenty to catch every time we take a boat out. Here’s what you might encounter inshore and offshore in October.

Inshore Catches

Rooster fish at Los Suenos

Mahi mahi are a common site both inshore and offshore on the Pacific Coast in October. In fact, we’re headed right into the peak of mahi mahi season, which is great news for anglers who want an exciting catch that makes for an even more exciting meal.

Roosterfish aren’t quite at their peak in October, but they’re close enough to be a common site inshore this time of year. These aggressive inshore predators tend to be happiest hanging out in rocky, shallow waters.

Jacks, wahoo, and red snapper are also not to be missed this month. They’re all headed toward their peak seasons, so their numbers are increasing. Near the inshore reefs, you’re also likely to find some tilefish and rose fish that make for delicious eating and a fun, smaller catch.

Offshore Catches

Offshore fishing in Costa Rica is really fun in October. This may not be the absolute best time of year for fishing, but what is out there makes for an amazing experience. To be specific, October is a great month to reel in monstrous black and blue marlin, as well as some nice sailfish. Marlin catches this time of year can come in as high as 300 pounds.

To be clear, this is a decent month for marlin, but it’s just a preview of what’s to come in November, December, and January. Numbers and weights are increasing.

That’s the same story for yellowfin tuna this time of year. By January, these fantastic specimens are at their peak and routinely weigh in at 400 pounds. But for October, fishing fans can enjoy the increasing numbers of yellowfin tuna and catch them at around half that weight. We’ll typically keep an eye out for porpoises to get an idea of where to find some great yellowfin tuna.

October: Another Great Fishing Month in Sunny Costa Rica

Los Suenos Fishing

Don’t let the haters get you down about October fishing off of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast.

This is one of the best places to fish in the world, and just because it’s not the best month of the year doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. You can still find plenty of great fighters and impressive specimens that make for wonderful eating.

Ready to book your October fishing charter in Costa Rica? Reach out to Adventure Tours Costa Rica. Give us a call at 1-800-761-7250 or contact us online.