Costa Rica Fishing Report - June 1, 2022
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Costa Rica Fishing Report - June 1, 2022

Date Published:
Jun 01, 2022
Costa Rica Fishing Report - June 1, 2022

Costa Rica Fishing Report - June 1, 2022

Getting ready for your perfect summer vacation in Los Sueños or Jaco, Costa Rica? Don’t forget to plan a day trip on one of our fishing charters to make the most of being in one of the best spots for billfishing in the world.

Preparing for Your June Fishing Trip to Los Sueños and Jaco

Los Suenos Charter

You’ve already made the most important choice: to make your sportfishing excursion in a place of unparalleled beauty and impressive fish ripe for the catching. Los Sueños is internationally recognized as the “Fishing Capitol of the World,” and there are adventures to be had year-round. To experience the best fishing trip possible in June in Costa Rica, you’ll want to make some wise preparations. Here are a few tips:

Dress for Changing Weather

The end of May saw some days that were particularly dry for the start of green season, followed by days of tropical showers.

As we head into June, we anticipate a return to the characteristic patterns of rainy season days throughout Costa Rica. Mornings will be warm and sultry, lulling you into the real vacation feel of your day. Afternoons will roll in with scattered showers and storms.

While you pack your bags for your fishing trip, plan for these diverse weather changes. Add some clothing to your suitcase that will keep you refreshed in the warm morning sun as well as a raincoat and waterproof shoes to protect from the ocean spray on your charter boat and the daily rain.

Build Up Your Energy

The increased humidity in June around Costa Rica can lead to lethargy if you're not prepared, so be intentional about keeping your strength up. Eat balanced meals with plenty of protein and fresh vegetables for energy. You're going to need it when you wrestle the line to bring in your big game fish!

June Catches in Jaco, Costa Rica

Rooster Fish at Los Suenos

There is great variety in the species of fish we find hanging around Jaco at this time of year, so anglers tend to have a lot of fun seeing what will take the bait!

This is the beginning of the best season for hooking gigantic yellowfin tuna, which are drawn to live bait as well as sailfish hooks. These big boys are made of pure muscle, so have your own muscles ready for a tug of war!

Your skills will truly be tested by the fast and furious wahoo. They love chunky bait, but their intense speed and killer teeth give them the freedom to go for any bait they pass by and fancy. These may just be the most fun to battle and the most delicious to eat!

Roosterfish are another popular catch during June in the Jaco and Los Sueños areas. They are real fighters and a popular favorite among inshore fishers of all ages. They will usually run between 20-50 pounds, though we wouldn’t be surprised to reel in a 100-pounder! Look for them around reefs and rocky areas.

Bottom fishing is also a popular pastime in June, where you can sink your bait down deep to hunt for aquatic inhabitants such as grouper, and red snapper. These prizes make for a delicious end to your charter adventure!

Jaco and Los Sueños: The Perfect Summer Paradise

For the ideal blend of rest, relaxation, and sportfishing, you won’t find a better destination than the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The natural splendor of the long coastlines and impeccable rainforests will provide the perfect backdrop for the getaway you need. Book your fishing charter today for an unforgettable experience in this tropical paradise!