Costa Rica Fishing Report - May 15 2022
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Costa Rica Fishing Report - May 15 2022

Date Published:
May 15, 2022
Costa Rica Fishing Report  - May 15 2022

Costa Rica Fishing Report

As the days turn cloudy around Los Sueños, Costa Rica, the fish are coming out to play! Though May kicks off the rainy season in Central America, this is the perfect month to book a fishing charter and make the catch of your life.

Celebrating Another Incredible Offshore World Championship


The Offshore World Championship Sportfishing Tournament wrapped up in this region at the end of April, and the final release count was impressive. A total of 673 billfish were counted for release points during the tournament!

The beautiful Pacific sailfish and majestic blue marlin dominated the count, but participants also snagged tuna, dorado, and other species of marlin. The team from Kenya came from behind to snag a phenomenal victory in the final day, bringing their total to 8300 points from 14 sailfish and 11 blue marlin releases. Their single-day surge shows there are plenty of big catches to be found this time of year if you head out with your rod and reel.

Fishing in Costa Rica During Green Season

Boat at Los Suenos

The green season - or rainy season- has certainly begun in Los Sueños, but that doesn’t mean constant downpours. So far this month, we've seen some rain and scattered thunderstorms most days, but the total precipitation is fairly negligible. For your fishing trips, we recommend wearing light layers with rain boots and a raincoat. If you want to avoid the sprinkles, choose a morning time slot for your fishing charter.

It’s a gorgeous time of year, with temperatures averaging in the 80s and a pleasantly muggy atmosphere around the rainforest. May tends to have the most cloud cover in Los Sueños out of all months of the year. This can be ideal for sportfishing, as overcast skies reduce the amount of light penetrating through the water's surface, enticing predatory fish to venture out more.

When you head back in from your tour on one of Adventure Tour Costa Rica’s fishing boats, you’ll see why we call it “green season” here. The short afternoon showers are beginning to wake up the vibrant flora of the rainforest surrounding Jaco and Los Sueños.

Find Your Giant Dorado and Tuna


May is the perfect time of year to add a dorado (also known as mahi mahi) to your fishing passport. It’s peak season for these slippery creatures that frequently weigh in at 40-50 pounds - or even larger!

Yellowfin tuna are also out in full force this month. These naturally strong fish can be found ranging from 100-300 pounds from May-October, bringing tuna lovers flocking from all over to Los Sueños Marina. Experienced anglers know that they are bound to be a feisty challenge to capture!

Other Popular May Catches


For inshore anglers, wahoo and roosterfish can be found on your May fishing excursion. Tripletails and runners are also hiding around flotsam that the rains push out near shore. The yellowfin tuna are often caught both offshore and further in, so keep your eyes out and your hooks ready!

Along with the impressive dorados, black and blue marlin are prevalent at the beginning of green season. These sportfishing favorites generally range from 100-400 pounds and are ready to give you the tug-of-war game of your life.

If you’re heading out to the depths, try your hand at sinking a line 300 feet or deeper to see if you can snag a grouper or snapper as your prize.

Our fishing charters are already in demand for the season, so contact Adventure Tours Costa Rica today to book your trip from Los Sueños Marina today to experience some of the best saltwater fishing in the world!