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3 Tourist Destinations In Costa Rica

Date Published:
Aug 28, 2014
3 Tourist Destinations In Costa Rica

Planning a Costa Rica family vacation is exciting for everyone. There are an exceptional amount of family activities available in Costa Rica and if you plan far enough in advance, you can plan both time to relax and time for heart pounding fun.
To help in the process, we have compiled a brief international travel guide to three Tourist Destinations in Costa Rica.


Jaco is a great place to do touristy things while experiencing it as a local. There are surf competitions for entertaining purposes, or you can grab a board and catch a wave with the best of em. Women drink for free in Jaco, so make sure you are at the right places when engaging in a night out with your favorite tropical cocktails. There are waterfalls, rainforests and jungles to cruise; with ATV tours and ziplining adrenaline rushes. For a truly relaxing getaway, there are spa packages that offer a complete pampering experience, including massage. Whitewater rafting expeditions and fishing charters are two of Jaco’s most popular features.

Tamarindo Costa Rica

Back in the day this was a fishing village. The town is located on the Nicoya Peninsula on the coast of Central West Costa Rica. You can take in the pristine beaches not yet spoiled by modern society. The town itself has shopping for any budget and the whole family can take a tour on ATV’s or choose to surf the waves. The area also offers amazing catamaran tours. The day time is not the only time the town is active. There are plenty of places to enjoy local cuisine and the nightlife once the sun goes down.


Puerto Viejo

This is one eccentric laid back town with an attitude. It is well known for surfing and mixture of cultures. Activities include shopping, biking, and snorkeling or you can choose to make a visit to the animal sanctuary. After your daylight activities, stop in at one of the local restaurants to enjoy the area’s unique flavors. After dinner, you can choose to dance the night away while sipping your favorite beverage. Local bands play music in genres like rock reggae, jazz, Latin, and salsa. Some of the tables are located on the beach so you can enjoy stunning views of the beach and ocean.

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