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What makes an adventure traveller?

Date Published:
Sept 11, 2014
What makes an adventure traveller?

An Adventure Traveller is someone who searches out experiences outside of their comfort zone, one who has a desire to try new things and see and do that which they have never done before. It is popular among risk takers and people who get a rush out of attempting what has been unknown or unimaginable in the real sense. The perception, and possibly actual risk of danger involved just makes the experience more exciting and adrenaline-filled. Often, adventure travel enthusiasts are also fans of extreme sports and are looking for a taste of the danger, though regulated themselves. There is no doubt that with the growth of social media, photography and video sharing, more people internationally are touched by the appeal of this type of travel. All-inclusive vacations are becoming less attractive.

The U.S. Adventure Travel Association describes adventure travel as a tourist activity which includes at least two or three required components, namely some sort of physical activity, a previously unexperienced cultural exchange, and what seems to be the most important aspect; an interaction or engagement with nature and the natural environment.

Adventure travel in Costa Rica encompasses most of the popular types of adventure tourism experiences sought by travellers the world over. This is coming to be known as ‘Jungle Tourism’. It is understandable as Costa Rica boasts incredible natural diversity and a huge amount of protected wilderness which essentially draws out the adventurer in us all. Sustainability is a very real concern and Costa Rica is on the forefront of ensuring that even though one can envelope themselves in nature, that they won’t disturb or destroy the natural environment in the pursuit of their ‘rush’ when they use responsible adventure companies.

In one week of a Costa Rican vacation, one can make plans to kayak down a river which empties into the sea, surrounded by the most colourful array of birds in Central America, ATV through the hills and through the rainforest and swim at a waterfall, go deep sea fishing one of the most popular locations for sportfishing tournaments in the world, experience the arrival of thousands of nesting turtles in the deep of night, rappel down canyons, experience white water rafting with overnight wilderness camping in the heart of the jungle, or trek for days through a national park with a private guide, and so much more. The opportunities for the adventure traveller in Costa Rica are literally endless.

So pick your passion and follow where adventure leads—Costa Rica!

- Adventure Tours Costa Rica