Monkeys in and Around Jaco Costa Rica
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Monkeys Around Jaco Costa Rica

Date Published:
Jun 29, 2016
Monkeys Around Jaco Costa Rica
Many families and group Costa Rica vacationers looking for an exotic adventure turn to Costa Rica. This Central American vacation spot is infamous for the visibility of its wild monkey population. What many travelers do not realize is that out of the over 53 species of New World monkeys, only four types of monkeys are native to Costa Rica. The squirrel monkey, white-headed capuchin monkey, mantled howler monkey and spider monkey are drawn to Costa Rica because of its tropical climate.

Adventure Tours Costa Rica enjoys taking our guests on many types of Monkey Tours through the secondary rainforest and into National Parks to get as close as you can get to Costa Rican monkeys. Here is an overview of the four types of monkeys that are found in Costa Rica. We have also included information on which tour is best for guests looking for a wildlife adventure. Enjoy!

Squirrel Monkeys

Squirrel monkeys are a crowd favorite in Costa Rica. These little guys are easily identifiable by their distinct orange colored back. They are omnivores and enjoy a varied diet of fruit and insects. Squirrel monkeys live only near the Pacific Coast. The best time to see them is during the morning and late afternoon when they are highly active. Interestingly, Costa Rican squirrel monkeys can live more than fifteen years in the wild. They are found in high concentration at Manuel Antonio National Park so be sure to bring your camera on your tour.

White-Headed Capuchin

The white-headed capuchin is a medium sized monkey that lives in Central and South America. White-headed capuchin monkeys have a white face and upper torso that contrasts against their black fur. These are possibly one of the most intelligent monkeys in the world. The white-headed capuchin monkeys of Costa Rica are often used as service animals for disabled people because of their responsiveness to training. Our guests of all ages enjoy the challenge of spotting those monkeys high up in the trees on our rainforest tours and trips to Manuel Antonio National Park.

Mantled Howler Monkey

The beautiful black colored mantled howler monkey is one of the largest New World monkeys. They are called “mantled” because of the long hair that grows on both sides of their face. They enjoy a folivorous diet and eat a large amount of leaves every day. The mantled howler monkey is extremely vocal and its barks and grunts can be heard for miles. These monkeys make their infamous noises using their throat and larynx that work like a balloon. The chorus of the Costa Rican mantled howler monkeys can be heard at dawn and dusk. Our guests enjoy hearing their call on tours through the secondary rainforest and also in Manuel Antonio National Park.

Spider Monkey

Costa Rican spider monkeys can be identified by their long arms and black hands. They eat mostly fruit which provides for much of their nutrition and water needs. Spider monkeys have a strong tail that can support their weight so it is often used as an extra limb. Spider monkeys are often spotted swinging through the secondary rainforest trees with incredible speed and accuracy. Famously, the artist Frida Kahlo painted her pet spider monkey in her 1938 painting titled “Self Portrait with Monkey.” It is possible to see these monkeys on our tours of Monteverde Cloud Forest.