Top 6 Things to Do in Costa Rica With Your Kids!
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Top Six Things to do in Costa Rica with Your Kids

Date Published:
Aug 24, 2015
Top Six Things to do in Costa Rica with Your Kids

Costa Rica is the ultimate vacation get-away for families. Here are our top six family-friendly adventures to experience with your kiddos (or even without them):

#1 Pura Vida

Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world for kids of all ages to travel. Visitors enjoy the accommodating, relaxed and safe culture of the country. Regardless of what type of vacation your family is interested in, Costa Rica can provide a balance between your need for exploration and your need for relaxation. Your kids are sure to love the natural beauty of the country as much as you do. Let them enjoy a pool day while you get a massage. Or maybe you will fall in love with one of the local funky smoothie shops while your kids are fascinated by the iguanas that sun on the rocks nearby. We know that you will find Costa Rica to be the best backdrop for a memorable family vacation experience!

#2: Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Give your kids memories that will last forever of playing on a warm clean beach in Costa Rica. Jaco Beach is a small friendly surf town and is well-known throughout the world as a top destination for sunny beach vacations. The sand and the Pacific Ocean water are warm and the coastline is safe. This beach atmosphere is always kid-friendly. Make sure to pack up the sunscreen, beach towels and sand toys. Your kids will love a day searching for seashells, building sandcastles and jumping in waves!

#3: Costa Rica Jungle Tours

There is nothing more hands-on than an ATV jungle tour in Costa Rica. Let your kids run and play in an authentic mountain paradise. Adventure tours through the mountains allow your little ones the opportunity to ride safely on an ATV or in a 4x4 custom safari vehicle. Give your kids a fun filled day playing in a waterfall, soaking in a river and exploring the jungle trees.

#4 Costa Rica National Park Visit

Costa Rica has 26 national parks and over a quarter of the country is protected land. The natural beauty and biodiversity of the rainforests provide epic views and amazing wildlife hikes. Your kids will enjoy the experience of walking through the national parks and seeing wild toucans, monkeys and sloths in their natural habitat.

#5 Canopy Zipline Tours through Costa Rica Jungles

Zipline canopy tours are must-do in Costa Rica. You know and we know that your kids are naturally adventurous. They will love the thrill of flying through the jungle on a zipline. This type of canopy adventure is exciting, fast and more important than anything - completely safe. Kids as young as four can ride tandem with a certified guide, so bring the entire family on the tour. If you are the type of the family that loves adventure, make sure to book a canopy tour while in Costa Rica.

#6. Volcano Arenal

Your family is sure to cherish the sights and the sounds of this infamous area of Costa Rica. This Arenal Volcano is semi-active and is protected by a natural park. The geography boasts amazing hikes through piles of black lava rocks and breathtaking vistas. The Arenal area is dense with forest and vegetation and hidden amongst the trees is the famous Tabacon Hot Springs resort. After a fun hike through Arenal, your family will instantly relax in Tabacon’s twelve naturally heated mineral water pools.

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