Los Suenos Costa Rica: Stay in The Top Luxury Resort
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Los Suenos Costa Rica: The Top Luxury Resort

Date Published:
Aug 19, 2015
Los Suenos Costa Rica: The Top Luxury Resort

I recently posted about Jaco Costa Rica, raving about the many marvelous Jaco day trips available to travelers. My tips and tales about Central American travel would not be complete without mention of Los Suenos Costa Rica. In recent years, this spot has become the most popular luxury resort in Costa Rica. Having been there myself recently, I find it difficult to believe that the resort is merely a decade old.

I never fail to mention that Costa Rican vacations are my absolute favorite. Whenever I get a chance, I make sure to book a few weeks in this glorious country -- taking the opportunity to grab some much-needed R&R away from my usually busy work schedule. Los Suenos Costa Rica is usually one of my first stops. I spend a couple of days (at the very least) enveloped by all the luxury the resort has to offer. If pure pampering is your style, this is the ideal place for you to spend your next summer vacation.

If sun, sea, and surf are what you are after, Los Suenos Costa Rica is the perfect spot. Add to this the fact that you will also have access to unparalleled fishing spots, gorgeous hotels, and glorious golf courses, and suddenly the resort is much closer to paradise than you ever thought possible. Just a stone's throw away from San Jose, and within a few short miles of Juan Santamaria International Airport in Alajuela, Los Suenos is easily accessible and surprisingly close to many other popular Costa Rican hotspots.

What is most remarkable about Los Suenos is the fact that the resort offers every modern luxury and yet remains as close to the natural rainforest as possible. I like to think of it as the best of both worlds. As a person who likes to live in the lap of luxury occasionally, I also happen to enjoy spending time enjoying Mother Nature's handiwork. In all honesty, I feel as though I am the kind of person who relishes every opportunity to enjoy every aspect of life and my Costa Rican vacations seem to afford just that.

In addition to the wide variety of day trips in Los Suenos, you also have the chance to cast your eyes a little further afield. Google "tours Jaco" and you will find that there are many different tour options between these two major resort destinations. There really is no shortage of wonderful things to do, places to visit, and sights to see.

A vacation in Los Suenos gives you the opportunity to tailor-make the perfect holiday experience based entirely on your needs and interests. Gourmet meals, toasty warm sunbathing, exhilarating tours, exciting fishing charters, glorious spa treatments...the choices are endless.