Jaco Costa Rica Day Trips: Mini-Adventures In A Luxury Vacation
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Jaco Day Trips: Mini-Adventures In The Midst Of A Luxury Vacation

Date Published:
Aug 29, 2015
Jaco Day Trips: Mini-Adventures In The Midst Of A Luxury Vacation

Jaco day trips are among my favorite things to do when visiting Jaco Costa Rica. I am the sort of person who loves adventure, though I prefer it in manageable doses. Overnight hikes and week-long treks through mud may be someone else's proverbial cup of tea and more power to them; it just is not quite me. When I do an online search for "tours Jaco", I want to know that I am going to have a remarkable day out and about, returning to my cozy lodge at the end of the day. That just happens to be the way I roll.

The best thing about Jaco day trips is the fact that you can end off an adventure-filled day with a suitably luxurious pamper session and gloriously decadent dinner, before retiring to a comfortably soft bed that ushers you in for a good night's sleep. Sounds great, right? Believe me, after vacationing all over Central America, I feel like somewhat of an expert on Jaco and Los Suenos Costa Rica. Without an ounce of arrogance, I can honestly say that I have this holiday planning thing figured out. I know precisely what I am looking for in terms of some much-needed R&R and after many vacations I have learned how to get it.

ATV tours are one of the best Jaco day trips you could sign up for. These tours are extremely flexible, and you can choose precisely how many hours you would prefer to be out and about as well as the locations you prefer to visit. Some of these tours involve an exhilarating ride around the jungle while others include a trip out to a magnificent waterfall with lunch included. It really all depends on what your interests are.

Zip line canopy tours are another great way to spend the day in Jaco. You would not believe the sense of freedom afforded by hovering high above the tree tops, away from the humdrum of the world below. It truly does feel like flying, and you have the opportunity to experience the world in a whole new light. It certainly helps boost that feeling of otherworldly fascination when you come face to face with some of the beautiful wildlife in the region. You get the sense that you are so much more than a "mere human". Instead you truly do feel as though you are a part of something bigger.

Take the opportunity to experience Costa Rican friendliness and hospitality at its finest. Allow them the chance to show you the country they are so proud of from their own perspective. I guarantee that you will remember those moments for many years down the line.