6 Reasons to Take Your Corporate Getaway to Costa Rica
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Six Great Reasons to Take Your Corporate Getaway to Costa Rica

Date Published:
Feb 28, 2017
Six Great Reasons to Take Your Corporate Getaway to Costa Rica

Corporate retreats and out-of-town business meetings have gotten a bad rap over the years. They are known for being stodgy and stuffy events. When they span over a weekend, they can feel like they intrude on precious family time. The internet is flooded with funny stories of corporate retreats gone bad. In the past, they have been facilitated with lackluster team building events that leave participants unsatisfied, uncomfortable, and ready to go home.

Forward thinking businesses have been going outside the box for their corporate retreats, partner meetings and other business functions. For years, businesses have trusted Adventure Tours Costa Rica with their large group and corporate events. We are the most reputable travel company on the Pacific side of Costa Rica for this reason. Our travel experts have compiled the six top reasons for you to take to your next corporate getaway, retreat or business meeting to somewhere different, exotic, and fun – Costa Rica!

1) Unique Corporate Event Experiences Do Not Just Happen.

Your business is exceptional and so are your team members. Show them that your company goes the extra mile by taking them on a destination corporate getaway to Jaco, Costa Rica. The logistics of taking a large group to Central America for a business related event can be daunting on your own. Saavy corporate travelers rely on travel experts, such as Adventure Tours Costa Rica, to create a one-of-a-kind itinerary for their group. There is no stock experience in Costa Rica and your team leaders can work with our local experts to structure your group’s entire experience. This includes meeting schedules, meals, team-building events, and adventure tours. Costs in traveling to Costa Rica are always lower when you bundle with a local travel company that has connections and resources in the area.

2) Costa Rica is a Luxury Travel Destination.

Attendees of professional gatherings in Costa Rica are always shocked to learn of the high-end, luxury accommodations and experiences that can be enjoyed near Los Suenos and Jaco, Costa Rica. A successful corporate getaway has layered experiences that fit the individual needs and interests of executives. In Costa Rica, there are world class golf courses to tee it up at and also luxury spa facilities for pampering. For the adventurous corporate travelers, charter boats are locally available to take out for the day to experience some of the best sports fishing in the world. Whatever type of luxury getaway experience your executives are looking for can be found in Costa Rica.

3) Taking Your Team on a Safe Team-Building Adventure is Easy.

Skip the standard team building experiences that happen in a conference room and take your corporate retreat outdoors! There are so many safe and adventurous activities for your executives and staff to enjoy in Costa Rica. Imagine how much fun your team will have bonding in a 4x4 rainforest vehicle and the laughs they will share while having lunch in the middle of the jungle at a hidden tilapia farm. Your team can be reinvigorated and reenergized by team building activities such as group lessons on stand-up paddle boarding or surfing. They will also never forget the time your company took them all on an adrenaline fueled ziplining tour through the Costa Rican canopy.

4) Costa Rica has a Large Variety of Lodging Options.

Many teams planning a corporate event in Costa Rica are excited to learn of the many options for accommodations that are available. Depending on the size of your group, arrangements can be made to share a large house or separate condos. If a hotel is more appropriate, the option to secure large blocks of hotel rooms on the same property at a discounted rate is available. The choices are endless for accommodations in Costa Rica for your corporate retreat and can be completely customized to fit the needs of your group.

5) You Don’t Need to Speak Spanish to Travel to Costa Rica.

The thought of taking your mid-sized business or corporation to a primarily Spanish speaking country doesn’t have to be a scary thing when you work with bilingual travel professionals like Adventure Tours Costa Rica. The key to creating a seamless trip to Central America is equipping your team with travel experts that speak English fluently. Working with onsite travel guides that are highly experienced with business professionals and executives will also be vital. When you use a bilingual travel company that has experience with abroad corporate retreats, the areas that are most likely to cause problems for your group are taken care of in advance. Your group’s trip will run smoothly with accommodations, transportation services, event management, and outdoor activities decided before you arrive. Your team can practice their Spanish on the plane as all they will need to do is grab their passports, briefcases, and show up!

6) There are Modern Business Facilities in Costa Rica.

We recognize that your corporate retreat can’t just be all fun and that there will need to be some business done on your trip. Adventure Tours Costa Rica has access to the modern business amenities that your team will need while away. This includes high-speed internet, fax machines, and computer centers if necessary. In the event there will be an actual meeting or a videoconference during your corporate retreat, those accommodations are also at your fingertips.

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