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Best Travel Experiences in Costa Rica 2017

Date Published:
Apr 27, 2017
Best Travel Experiences in Costa Rica 2017

Adventure Tours Costa Rica

has curated this list of the top must-do experiences in Costa Rica in 2017. This blog post explores the fun that can be had on the beach, in the jungle, with exotic animals, and on adrenaline fueled Costa Rica Tours all during one trip to our amazing country. Whether you are traveling alone, with a group, or with your family, here is information for everyone on what cannot be missed during your vacation. Enjoy!

  • The Beaches of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the ideal vacation spot for anyone needing a beach vacation. This tropical paradise is located in Central America and is bordered to the West by the North Pacific Ocean and to the East by the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica has unlimited coastline to enjoy as there are 780 miles of coastline on the Pacific side of the country and 132 miles on the Caribbean side. Given the ideal placement of the Costa Rican geography, it is a hot-spot for water sports such as swimming and fishing. As the waves are huge in Costa Rica, it is a go-to place for adventurers looking to surf, supporting any level from first timers to expert. Vacationers to Costa Rica also love hanging out on the ocean waters in kayaks that provide a peaceful way to see the coastline from a different perspective. From a boat in the water, there is an opportunity to see the marine wildlife, such as whales and dolphins that frequent the area. Kayakers also enjoy spotting the huge exotic birds that fly over the sea. Many guests take advantage of the amazing deep sea sport fishing that is available on the Pacific side as some of the largest and most colorful fish in the world live in abundance in this area. For these reasons and more, Jaco Beach and Los Suenos are ideal spots in Costa Rica for beach seeking travelers to stay in.

  • The Forests of Costa Rica

Did you know that more than half of Costa Rica is rainforest? 51% of the country is forest land to be exact. With the overwhelming amount of jungle terrain, there are new outdoor activities to do every single day of your vacation to Costa Rica. The country is famous for canopy and ziplining adventures that will take your breath away. There are also plenty of opportunities to take a quiet hike into the rainforest with a private guide. Many travelers to Costa Rica are excited to find themselves swimming in hidden waterfalls surrounded by jungle trees. We also suggest 4x4 rainforest adventures using custom vehicles and ATVs as this one of the only ways to get to the top of the tree dense mountains where the weather is cooler and the views are truly spectacular.

Costa Rica also has cloud forest preserves, such as Monteverde Cloud Forest. Cloud forests have a different climate from rainforests as they are farther away from the equator. These forests are known for the cloud, or mist, that covers their shorter trees. There is also an abundance of lush green moss that thrives in the cloud forest’s wet air providing a mystique and ambiance to hiking. Only 1% of the world’s surface is considered to be cloud forest terrain. Costa Rica is one of the only places in the world to experience this natural wonder of the world.

  • The Animal Encounters of Costa Rica

There are over 500,000 species of animals that are native to Costa Rica. This staggering statistic has made Costa Rica one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Animal lovers from all over the world flock to this Central American paradise to see a variety of unique animals such as sloths and capuchin monkeys. There are also plenty of opportunities to see coatis (a cousin to raccoons) and wild American crocodiles. Everything feels alive in Costa Rica and travelers are amazed to see the colorful tree frogs that live in the jungle and beautiful butterflies that are always floating by. Lucky guests have spotted toucans, ocelots, and vultures on their trips to Costa Rica. Most of the animals of Costa Rica are only accessible through tours provided by local people that are familiar with the best, and more importantly safest, ways to see these animals. We highly suggest booking guided tours through Manuel Antonio National Park and Carrara National Park in addition to at least one specific animal adventure such as a Monkey Mangrove Tour or a Crocodile Mangrove Tour during your Costa Rican vacation.

  • So Many Unforgettable Adventures in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to some of the most unique adventures imaginable. We vote that your group or family check out the rivers of Costa Rica as there are many opportunities to have fun in their warm, calm waters. Due to the tropical and wet climate, there are 14 major river systems in Costa Rica. Vacationers love spending a day on the rivers through white-water rafting adventures that are safe for all levels from beginner to expert. They also enjoy traveling into the rainforest on a Costa Rican ATV adventure to swim in rivers that are lined by tall green trees.

It’s true that Costa Rica’s diverse geography allows for a great variety of sights and adventures to be experienced in just one trip. For those interested in seeing volcanoes, there are at least 200 volcanic formations in Costa Rica. Arenal Volcano is one of the top destinations for travelers to visit when they fly into San Jose. Other adventurers are interested more in the excitement of canyoning alongside a waterfall high in the rainforest. While many families and groups traveling to Costa Rica find as many ways to play in the Pacific Ocean as they can. Stand-up paddle-boarding lessons and snorkeling adventures are a favorite activity for active families. Many people do not realize that Costa Rica is surrounded by 34 small islands, some of which can be visited. Tortuga Island is an all-inclusive paradise that provides an amazing day-trip experience from Los Suenos or Jaco, Costa Rica..

With all of the activities that can be experienced from relaxing to exciting, no trip to Costa Rica is ever the same. Adventure Tours Costa Rica suggests working with a professional tour agency to discuss the options for fun that can be had during your vacation to ensure that you can experience every beach activity, jungle excursion, adrenaline adventure, or animal encounter you want to on your vacation.