Planning Your Costa Rica Vacation in Only 5 [Easy] Steps
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Plan Your Costa Rica Vacation In Five Easy Steps

Date Published:
Jan 20, 2017
Plan Your Costa Rica Vacation In Five Easy Steps

Need a change of scenery ASAP?

Grab your passport and check out the Adventure Tours Costa Rica’s guide to planning a Costa Rica vacation in 5 fast steps. Savvy travelers and adventurers alike can rely on this advice to help them put together the safest, hassle-free vacation to Costa Rica possible.


1. Where to Go in Costa Rica

If you have already decided that you need, deserve, crave or even just WANT a vacation, the first step is deciding where to go!

Our completely biased vote is for Costa Rica. This tiny Central American paradise is a one-stop shop for many of your “bucket list” items. Costa Rica is hugged by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. The interior of the country is jam packed with unique scenery including volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforests, and natural parks.

The Jaco Costa Rica area is the best place for family vacations, honeymoons and large group travel. No one ever has the same adventure when they stay in Jaco because of its proximity to so many different types of fun outdoor activities. Travelers to Jaco love that ziplining adventures, surf lessons and crocodile tours can be enjoyed every single day of their trip. They can even throw some R&R into their vacation by having a massage on the beach, trying their luck at the slot machines, or sipping a fruity cocktail on a covered beachfront patio.

2. Why Choose Costa Rica

    While Costa Rica feels far away, many travelers are surprised to find out that it is just a short airplane ride from home!

    Most major cities in the United States fly directly to Costa Rica and/or supply connecting flights to San Jose International Airport (SJO). Jaco Beach, Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination because it is the closest beachfront vacation destination to San Jose International Airport (SJO) and is only about an hour away from the airport on the highway.

    No traveler wants a cookie-cutter vacation. The beauty of a trip to Costa Rica is that it has so much to offer. In a relatively short amount of time, vacationers can experience many different types of scenery and enjoy tons of activities. For example, a family can visit the beach and ocean one day and then have a completely different, muddy and sunny day in the rainforest the next day. Also, Costa Rica has a vast national park system (see Manuel Antonio National Park and arara National Park) and visits to these protected paradises are adventures in themselves. In these parks, animals such as wild macaws, monkeys, sloths and bright green tree frogs are active in their natural habitats. The flora and fauna of Costa Rica are unmatched and draw vacationers from all over the world to our tiny country.

    3. When to Visit Costa Rica

      It’s always warm in Costa Rica!

      There is really no ideal time to travel to Costa Rica as the weather is consistently warm with a tropical climate. Jaco Beach, Costa Rica is located just miles from the rainforest. Jaco is a sleepy surf town and is about 100 miles from the Equator on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Although there is occasionally rain in Jaco Beach, the sunshine is constant and more dependable than in other areas of the world. In fact, the sun rises and sets at nearly the exact same time each day, regardless of the month!

      For many of us that live in cities that experience four different seasons – the Costa Rican winter or “green season” is temperate and very pleasant. There are less tourists in Costa Rica in October, November and early December. The airplane fares reflect the “low” season in tourism and drop their rates accordingly. For these reasons, many budget conscious travelers, large groups and families look to Costa Rica for a vacation in the fall season.

      4. How to Get Around in Costa Rica

        Booking your flight to Costa Rica online is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes!

        After you book your flight, we can take care of the rest. It is highly suggested that travelers to Costa Rica do not risk renting and driving a vehicle during their vacation. The road system in Costa Rica can feel complicated, especially to those that do not speak fluent Spanish and are unfamiliar with the area. There are often delays on major roadways and complications that can be avoided when you hire a professional transport company to handle your family’s vacation transportation needs.

        Also, the streets in Costa Rica are not clearly named or even marked with street signs. It takes a local or “Tico” to find a destination that looks well marked online but in reality is only found through knowledge of landmarks. The easiest way to avoid downtime on your Costa Rican vacation, delays and frustration due to transportation issues is to bundle your trip through an all-inclusive vacation package that provides for safe transport.

        5. What to Do in Costa Rica

          Choosing what to do when you are in Costa Rica is the fun part!

          In this country, the local experts are found at travel companies. Make it easy on yourself and rely on a customized itinerary that is set in place by travel experts, such as Adventure Tours Costa Rica. You can trust their experience and expertise to guide you through booking every aspect of your vacation to Costa Rica.

          Your Adventure Tours Costa Rica travel expert will know how much time each adventure activity normally takes. They also handle all the logistics of your group’s booking which can save you the hassle of trying to figure out how many Costa Rican colones (the monetary system in Costa Rica) will cost. Your travel company will pre-negotiate what the price for each adventure will be so you do not end up paying double (also known as the “tourist” price).

          Issues related to safety, trust and reliability are especially important when you and your loved ones are in a completely different area of the world. There are many online review sources that provide firsthand traveler reviews of companies in Costa Rica. We strongly suggest looking at TripAdvisor to vet any company, restaurant or hotel that you will come in contact with on your Costa Rican vacation. Adventure Tours Costa Rica has over 500+ positive reviews from travelers just like you on TripAdvisor. Online reviews are an unbiased way to make sure that your family and friends are always in the best hands possible during your once in a lifetime Costa Rica vacation.