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Jaco Costa Rica - An Adventure Hub

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My Costa Rican vacations are always remarkable -- I can say this with absolute certainty. However, I do need to inform you, dear readers, of the fact that Jaco Costa Rica and Los Suenos Costa Rica are my absolute favorite spots to visit. Jaco day trips, in particular, are nothing short of amazing. I tend to think of Jaco Costa Rica as an "adventure wonderland" where there is absolutely no shortage of fun and fantastic things to do. In fact, if you do a quick online search for "tours Jaco", you will be pleasantly surprised by the surplus of options available to you.

Curved along the Pacific coastline, Jaco Costa Rica boasts 7km of picturesque, sandy beaches that are absolutely perfect for surfing. The south end of Jaco beach is demarcated for swimmers, while the rest of the beach is better suited to land-based exploration. During peak season, hundreds of surfers flock to Jaco to try their hand at riding the waves. While I may not be much of a surfer myself -- unfortunately, I lack the balance -- I do enjoy watching the pros do their thing in the glorious aquamarine water.

As a fan of Mother Nature's handiwork, I am always amazed by the beautiful mountains studding the Jaco landscape. Towering at 3000 feet above sea level, the highest point of these mountains is surely a sight to behold. Geologically formed by Cretaceous, Tertiary and Quaternary volcanic rock, there is something truly majestic about Jaco's mountains. I find myself marveling at the fact that thousands of years have culminated in something so wonderful.

Perhaps the most amazing feature of the Jaco mountain range is the lush green forest at its base. Filled to the brim with rare and wondrous flora and fauna, this jungle region is home to many exotic creatures. Waterfalls, rivers, and streams run through the rainforest, uninhibited by enormous man-made constructs. It truly is paradise on earth. The best thing about staying in one of Jaco's guest houses or lodges is the fact that you truly do feel like a part of nature. Instead of feeling like you are in the middle of a hostile rainforest takeover, you get the sense that you are coexisting peacefully with the natural world around you.

What I love most about Jaco, is the fact that there is no shortage of activities to make you feel like you are having a truly memorable vacation. Think of it as a seaside resort with a whole bunch of extra perks. From surfing and swimming, to canopy and ATV tours, you never have to settle for a dull day. Of course, if you do feel like you need a little down-time, there is no earthly reason to pass up on a luxurious massage or spa treatment before heading out to a fantastic restaurant.

Take it from me; Jaco Costa Rica is well worth a visit. In fact, I honestly do believe that a single vacation here will have you hooked for life.

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