Jaco Welcomes Ashley Mitchell from MTV's The Challenge
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Jaco Welcomes Ashley Mitchell from MTV's The Challenge

Date Published:
Jun 30, 2022
Jaco Welcomes Ashley Mitchell from MTV's The Challenge

Jaco Welcomes Ashley Mitchell from MTV's The Challenge

Jaco, Costa Rica made celebrity news recently when Ashley Mitchell, the two-time winner of MTV's hit reality show The Challenge, announced she would be moving from her home in the United States to the “rich coast.”

According to her social media posts, Mitchell has taken up residence - at least for the time being - in our very own Jaco, Costa Rica where she is renting a living space for a few months with her new boyfriend. Her social media announcements suggest that her stay in the area will be more long-term.

Mitchell's fans were very excited to see a series of photos on her Instagram account of the reality star happily posing with her new significant other while sporting their surf-wear. Mitchell's boyfriend's name was not shared, but they appear to certainly be enjoying life in Costa Rica.

Ashley Mitchell's Reality TV Career

Before appearing on MTV's The Real World: Ex-Plosion in 2014, Ashley Mitchell was a pageant queen and aspiring model. Once she broke into the world of reality television, she seemed to be here to stay. To date, Mitchell has also been a contestant on nine seasons of MTV'S The Challenge.

The 34-year-old currently holds the record for the most money won by a female contestant on The Challenge: she is a two-time winner who made over $1,000,000 on the show. The two seasons that she won were 2017's Invasion of the Champions and 2018's Final Reckoning.

Mitchell's Costa Rica Excursions

Jaco condo

Ashley Mitchell is a world traveler, featuring highlights from her visits to more than ten countries on her Instagram account including Japan, Ecuador, Amsterdam, and - of course - Costa Rica. She spent time recently in Panama City, Panama, but she seems to have chosen Jaco, Costa Rica as her ideal place of residence.

Here are a few spots in our beautiful country where Ashley Mitchell has checked in:

  • (Jaco) Mono Verde Cafe: Mitchell shared a photo when she ate here, enjoying a tuna poki with some delectable-looking chips. The "Green Monkey" is a popular spot in Jaco, Costa Rica for drinks, tapas, and comfort food.
  • (Jaco) School of the World's Costa Rica Surf Program: With a wink and a smile, Mitchell posted that she's "basically a pro now" after taking surfing lessons with School of the World. She and her boyfriend seem to be spending plenty of time at the beach!
  • (La Fortuna) Kappa Sushi: One of Kappa's famous "sushi boats" was front and center on Mitchell's Instagram this February as she toured La Fortuna. This special Asian cuisine restaurant specializes in vegan sushi and boasts a gorgeous view of the Arenal Volcano.
  • (La Fortuna) Arenal Volcano National Park: It seems our new celebrity resident soaked in a day of La Fortuna waterfalls, tropical rainforest, and the Arenal Volcano earlier this year.
  • (Monteverde) Monteverde Ziplines: Mitchell asked her fans what the “most extreme thing you’ve ever done” was as she posted a photo posing at the end of a zipline above the canopy of the Monteverde Cloud Forest.
  • (Cahuita) Cahuita National Park: The Caribbean coast also drew Mitchell in as she visited this lush park and preserve - or at least its beach bar featured in her stories! Cahuita is a great place for a hike.
Yet another celebrity has discovered the beauty of Jaco. We hope that Ashley Mitchell enjoys her new Costa Rican life as she takes in all our wonderful town has to offer.