Jaco Blog – June 15th: New Secured Visitor Parking
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Jaco Blog – June 15th: New Secured Visitor Parking

Date Published:
Jun 15, 2022
Jaco Blog – June 15th: New Secured Visitor Parking

Jaco Blog – June 15th

New Secured Visitor Parking

When you're enjoying a relaxing day at the beach in Jaco, Costa Rica, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your rental car is safe in the roadside parking spot you squeezed into, fearing that you’ll be charged for damages or theft.

Tourists visiting Jaco can put anxieties like those to rest thanks to the brand-new Jaco Parking Lot! This spring, the new car park opened in Jaco, Costa Rica right by plenty of hot spots and within walking distance of the beach. You can sunbathe at ease knowing your car and belongings are safely guarded in the new lot.

Serving the Jaco Population

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Jaco, Costa Rica is a popular travel destination for those looking for incredible surfing, matchless adventure, and tropical beauty. Visitors and locals alike have felt the need for a centralized and accessible formal parking area near the town center to accommodate local and out-of-town travelers needing a place to stash their cars as they go about their days in Jaco.

Jaco Parking Lot is a welcome addition to the city layout, able to serve almost anyone who needs a place for their vehicle. In addition to standard-sized cars, the lot offers spots that cater to handicapped customers, those with vans or small trucks, motorcyclists, and even bikers.

The parking lot’s promotional team has been advocating for safety throughout the city. They have campaigned for people to take advantage of the secure parking when spending the evening out drinking, encouraging bar patrons who indulge in alcohol to take taxis home and rest assured that their cars are safe until they can return for them.

Jaco Parking Lot introduced itself to the public with a commitment to provide safety and peace of mind to tourists visiting Jaco’s beaches, town, or restaurants nearby. Most travelers say safety is one of their highest priorities in choosing where to stay, so this commitment is a valuable asset to Jaco’s reputation as a welcoming local and tourist community.

Jaco Parking Lot Deals and Partnerships

Not only is Jaco’s new parking lot a secure and accessible way to stow your car in town, it’s rather affordable, too. For just the price of an ice cream or empanada, keep your car and belongings safe for an hour.

The new lot’s management is offering lots of reduced rates as well. If you need regular parking services, consider taking advantage of their weekly, biweekly, or monthly plans. If you’re a vacationer wanting to spend one of your days in Jaco, Costa Rica at the beach, there are 8-hour, 12-hour, and 24-hour packages available.

Because late night in the town center isn’t as busy, the Jaco Parking Lot offers a discounted rate from 9pm until 5am. Local businesses are also developing partnerships with the lot that allow their patrons to get a deal on parking. A few nearby establishments that are currently able to get their customers a lower rate are Mono Verde, Republik Lounge, and Green Room Cafe.

Jaco Parking Lot accepts payment for parking in both cash and credit card. Soon they will begin accepting Compass as payment as well!

How to Learn More

This new parking lot in Jaco, Costa Rica provides over 75 secure spaces for leaving your car or motorbike as you spend the day in town or by the ocean. With easy access to the main road and nearby points of interest, it’s going to be a big benefit to the town.

You can contact them trough Adventure Tours Costa Rica.