Canopy Tours Costa Rica: Enjoy A Bird's Eye View
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Canopy Tours Costa Rica - A Bird's Eye View

Date Published:
Aug 05, 2015
Canopy Tours Costa Rica - A Bird's Eye View

Do a quick online search for "canopy tours Costa Rica" and you will see that you have been missing out. By now you will have read my posts on "Rainforest tours Costa Rica", "Waterfall tours Costa Rica" and "Kayak tours Costa Rica" -- at this point you will have realized that this Central American location is jam-packed with adventurous activities. Canopy tours Costa Rica are among my absolute favorite things to do in Costa Rica. The sheer thrill of being suspended above such gorgeous landscapes makes this an unforgettable experience -- in fact, I am still reeling from my first ever canopy tour a few years ago.

There is something to be said for that weightless feeling you get, observing the lush green rainforest from an elevated platform. The tour is so magical that you forget to feel nervous! I have a serious fear of heights but somehow it never came in to play. It is almost as if the pure adrenaline rush took over and I felt invincible. It may sound bizarre, but I truly did feel like some kind of majestic bird observing the world below. You never really get a chance to appreciate the world from a bird's eye view; a canopy tour will most certainly change that.

The remarkable canopy tours Costa Rica has to offer are so much more than an adrenaline rush, though. I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to come face-to-face with jungle wildlife but a canopy tour made it possible. Imagine being so close to a white-faced monkey that you can see the intelligent expression in its face. What about being able to appreciate the vivid colors of a Macaw's feathers from right up close rather than squinting into the distance? This is not only possible but probable when you bravely hook yourself up to that zip-line.

I will issue one very mild warning to you, dear readers, at this point. Make sure to check whether you are signing up for a beginner's tour or something for pros. I recently signed up for a canopy tour that was intended for pure adrenaline junkies. By the end of it I needed to lie down for a serious nap. Of course, I enjoyed it thoroughly but perhaps I will stick to something milder next time with a guide who can make the process a little less fast-paced. If you happen to be in it for the pure thrill of speeding down a zip-line, then by all means go for it! The great thing about Costa Rica is that it is a wonderland for all sorts of people.

If possible, I would suggest booking a canopy tour that includes a ride on an arial tram. This is the kind of experience you simply cannot miss out on. You will find that Costa Rican tour operators are constantly finding new ways to improve "the tourist experience" and canopy tours are constantly evolving. Take the plunge, try something you have never tried before and I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised at the end of it.