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Horseback Riding in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know

Date Published:
Oct 15, 2021
Horseback Riding in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know

Horseback Riding in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know

The world looks different when you’re horseback riding. Your vantage point is higher. The breeze caresses your cheeks. You’re directly connected with one of man’s closest animal companions.

That’s horseback riding anywhere. Now, imagine doing it on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches or next to a roaring waterfall deep in an emerald-green rainforest. Imagine horseback riding in Costa Rica.

Needless to say, it’s a memorable experience — one that people from all over the world travel to Costa Rica to have. And with countless horseback riding tours and services throughout Monteverde and the rest of the country, you have plenty of opportunities to experience it yourself. To learn everything you need to know about horseback riding in Costa Rica, read on.

Costa Rica Is a World-Class Horseback Riding Destination

Horseback riding through the rainforest

Horses and Costa Rica go way back — all the way back to the 16th Century, when the Spanish brought horses to Costa Rica as working animals. It didn’t take long for both locals and colonists to see the benefit of horses here. With Costa Rica’s widely varying terrain and the need for reliable transportation over relatively long distances, horses provided the perfect answer.

Fast forward to today, and a lot has changed, but horses remain a common mode of transportation and type of working animal in various parts of the country. The sabaneros (cowboys) of Guanacaste are well-known for their equestrian prowess, and you can find horses acting as primary transportation in various parts of the country.

As Costa Rica’s tourism industry has blossomed over recent decades, so, too, has the use of horses in travel and recreation. Today, horseback tours in Costa Rica are affordable and accessible to almost any traveler.

Places to Go Horseback Riding in Costa Rica

Horseback riding near the Arenal Volcano

Although you can probably find someone willing to lend you a horse for a fee, your best bet is to go with an established horseback riding tour to make sure you’re safe and able to see the best sights.

But because horseback riding is so widely available, knowing where to go horseback riding in Costa Rica can be a bit of a challenge.

The truth is that you can’t go wrong in most places, but there are some standouts in the Monteverde area:

  • Beach horseback riding at Playa Jaco
  • Horseback riding near La Fortuna and the incredible Arenal Volcano

Go for the Guided Horseback Tour

Whether you’re an expert equestrian or someone who has never even seen a horse in person before, you will likely want to opt for a guided horseback tour. Finding your way to the sights you want to see is a big challenge that a guide can make easy for you, but that’s not the only potential issue.

You also need to consider that horses are large and sometimes stubborn animals. Riding them isn’t all that hard, but you have to know what you’re doing — or have someone who knows what they’re doing nearby to help you.

Horseback Riding Requirements

Horseback riding through a river

Horseback riding is just about the perfect activity for any group traveling to Costa Rica, but there are some requirements to keep in mind. First, the general weight limit for horseback riding is 260 pounds.

Also, you may not immediately think of exercise when you think of horseback riding, but especially for longer tours, you need to be physically fit enough to endure some minor strain as you maintain control of your horse.

The horseback tour provider will provide the necessary safety gear and equipment, such as saddles and reins, but you need to bring a few items to make sure you get the most out of your experience:

  • Long pants to prevent chafing against the horse’s side
  • Closed-toe shoes that aren’t too bulky
  • Water bottles to stay hydrated
  • Helmet (provided at the tour locations)

Costa Rica Horseback Riding Is a Click or Call Away

Los Suenos horseback ridding

If you want to go horseback riding in Costa Rica, all you have to do is contact Adventure Tours Costa Rica online or by phone at 1-800-761-7250.

The only thing standing in your way is yourself hesitating to get in touch. We offer horseback riding tours to suit the needs of any group.

You can experience Costa Rican horseback riding the Tico way with Adventure Tours Costa Rica. We’ll see you there.