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La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna Waterfall Horseback
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Arenal La Fortuna Waterfall Horseback Tour

Ride horseback through the winding rainforest trails by Arenal Vocano on your way to the famous La Fortuna Waterfall.

Horseback Riding in the Shadow of Arenal Volcano

Both novices and experienced equestrians can enjoy this lovely trail riding tour that takes you on horseback through the rainforest to La Fortuna Waterfall. Stunning volcano views are on offer, as well as a unique opportunity to meet the Maleku people, one of Costa Rica’s remaining indigenous tribes.

Following friendly local pickup at your La Fortuna area hotel, your route to the horse ranch takes you on a gorgeous, scenic ride along picturesque backcountry roads. Rolling hills, towering mountains and acres of farmland provide a perfect view of Costa Rica’s unspoiled landscapes. As you approach the foot of Arenal Volcano, you arrive at the basecamp and the fun begins.

Meet the Horses

You are greeted at the ranch by your friendly guides, who will work to pair you with the right horse for your experience level. Novice riders are paired with gentle steeds that know the routes well and often lead without encouragement, while experienced riders may choose to be paired with more powerful horses.

With a stable of around 30 well-cared-for horses, the right mount for each participant can easily be found. During this time you will be provided with safety instruction and fitted with a riding helmet to wear during your adventure.

Tropical Rainforest Trails

Wandering through a series of relaxed trails, you have plenty of time to take in the nature that surrounds you. The rainforest is alive with sounds and activity. Rare birds perch in the trees and take flight across the canopy. You might spot anything from tropical toucans to oropendolas – a favorite among birdwatchers due to their yellow-tipped tails and large bills. The rainforest canopy is the habitat of playful spider monkeys, who often swing from branch to branch along the treetops and chatter amongst themselves. Your naturalist guide will share information about the animals and plants you pass along the way.

Hike to the Falls

Not far from the waterfall, you arrive at a pastoral ranch where you dismount your horse and head out on a short hike through the rainforest on route to La Fortuna Waterfall. Getting back into the greenery of the forest has a different feel while on foot. From the ground, you can take a closer look at the lush tropical flora and dense vegetation. You head for a hanging suspension bridge that will carry you to the other side of the ravine.

Featuring a stunning cascade of water almost 250-feet high, La Fortuna Waterfall emerges from the rainforest in front of you. You will be descending hundreds of steps to the waterfall pool below, so be prepared for a rigorous hike down, (and a more rigorous hike back up later on), if you want to enjoy the waterfall from the base.

For those in your group who would prefer not to take the stairs, there is an observation platform nearby that offers amazing views without the exertion. Either way you decide, have your camera ready to capture some spectacular photos.

An Indigenous Encounter

Following your time at the waterfall, you reunite with your horse and begin the trip back. Along the way, you will pay a visit to a small thatched hut. This is a replica of the housing the indigenous Maleku natives lived in for centuries. One of Costa Rica’s oldest intact tribes, you will meet some of the members of the Maleku community who will share information about their fascinating ancient culture. There is a giftshop here where you may purchase handmade goods to take home to your family and friends, or keep for yourself to remind you of this delightful day and your time in La Fortuna.

Horseback riding on the nature trails of Costa Rica is a perfect way to spend a day in nature. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

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James Rundle

Billings, Montana
This was a nice afternoon ride. Could have spent a little more time at the falls.

Stan Hartley

Rock Springs, Wyoming
Nice relaxing ride. The horses are well cared for which is always my first priority on any horseback riding tour. This was a great time. Don't forget your bathing suit.

Jane Kuberski

Evergreen, Colorado
What a lovely lovely day riding horses in Costa Rica. The views of the volcano and the time at the waterfall was serene and relaxing. For me the highlight was meeting the Maleku tribe members and being able to contribute something by buying their wares. Pura Vida!