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Escape Winter in Costa Rica

Date Published:
Nov 15, 2018
Escape Winter in Costa Rica

As winter takes hold across much of the world, there’s no better time than right now to plan your trip to Costa Rica to enjoy tropical rainforests and some of the best beaches on the planet.

What Weather Will You Find?

Perfect weather awaits. The rains of the green season subside in mid-November, leaving Costa Rica in full bloom with brilliant green landscapes under clear blue skies. Along the Central Pacific Coast, you can expect the following four months to welcome with morning temperatures in the low 70s and afternoon highs in the upper 80s. It’s a daily dose of both spring and summer!

Spend Some Time on Zip Lines

Zip lines platform

This may sound like an obvious one, but that’s because zip-line tours are obvious must-dos on a visit to Costa Rica. With a short airplane ride from your snowy home, you can be tucked into a verdant patch of jungle and strap in for a thrilling ride over a thick canopy of nature. Perfect for most ages, zip-line excursions combine both nature getaways with wildlife sightings and high-adrenaline fun guaranteed to satisfy the more adventurous travelers.

Take a Walk Through the Wilds

Scarlet Macaw

Speaking of wildlife, there’s plenty to experience on the ground. Swap your wool sweater for summer clothing and delve into Costa Rica’s dense rainforests. One of the best ways to see it all is to visit a lesser-known national park such as Carara National Park. Here you can walk trails through the habitat of the country’s largest population of colorful scarlet macaws. As you take a guided tour you’re also likely to pass under capuchin monkeys playing in the trees where two-toed and three-toed sloths laze in branches.

Trade Winter Boots for Flip-Flops on the Beach

Surfer on a beach

Stop staring at that beach scene on your computer screen’s background and go there! What escape from cold weather would be complete without basking on a tropical beach? Year-round surfing makes Costa Rica a top spot for winter getaways. Whether you are a seasoned surfer or would like to learn, the waters in and around Jaco are perfect. With warm ocean temperatures all year long, the Pacific waters are also great for swimming and stand-up paddle boarding.

Explore Unspoiled Lands

Beach time is great, but perhaps you also want to get in some off-the-beaten-track exploring. No need for a winter jacket to discover Costa Rica’s diverse inland terrain. One of the best ways to see it all is on an ATV tour.. Whip across streams and valleys, tear up mountains with amazing views of the coastline and take a break for a refreshing swim at a hidden waterfall. Relax and enjoy a balmy breeze at a cantina in a charming village with thoughts of freezing rain far from your mind.

An abundance of warming sunshine, vast blue skies and lush nature are just a few of the reasons Costa Rica is continually voted the “happiest country in the world.” Visit Costa Rica to enjoy nature excursions and a tropical setting that is sure to wash away those winter blues.