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5 Amazing Things To o in Jacó

Date Published:
Oct 31, 2018
5 Amazing Things To o in Jacó
Jaco Beach in Costa Rica

From nature excursions and zip line rides to unique shopping opportunities, Jacó Beach serves as a great base for your adventure trip. A 90-minute drive from the capital of San Jose brings you to the hub on scenic Pacific shores.

1. A Day on Jacó Beach

For surfing, strolling and just sitting on the sand, Jacó accommodates beachgoers of all shades. Over two miles of sandy beach is backed by lush palm trees that give way to a dramatic mountain landscape. Restaurants, bars, and shops line the shore and the waters welcome a variety of sports. Go for a swim, hop on a standup paddleboard or set off on a kayak. Surfing is one of the biggest draws. The calmer waters of the beach’s south end are best for beginners while more experienced wave riders prefer the surf near the northern end. Don’t miss the glorious sunset over a shimmering horizon.

2. Hike to El Miro

Spanish for lookout point, the “mirador” of its namesake Miro Mountain offers sublime views of the coastline from a perch above Jacó. You can begin the ascent to the mountain lookout with a walk from downtown. Or take an ATV up to the scenic spot if you are up for some adventure. As you climb into the mountain, you pass a virtual menagerie of tropical creatures. You may spot colorful toucans, croaking frogs and monkeys swinging through the treetops. At the lookout site, you’ll find the remains of a hotel that never saw completion. Local graffiti artists have decorated the ruins with colorful art that makes for an Instagram-perfect scene.

3. Take an ATV Tour

Dad and his child on ATV

Setting off from the center of Jacó, ATV excursions can have you tearing through a jungle landscape in mere minutes. All-terrain adventures wind through lush rainforest along mountain trails and take you to secluded waterfalls. Enjoy immersion in wildlife as you explore little-known villages, splash through rivers and behold soaring views over the Pacific Ocean. Refresh with a beverage at a hidden cantina and return to town with enough time for the day’s next adventure.

4. Enjoy a Local Zip Line

Woman on a zip line in Costa Rica

Sure, you can find zip-line tours all across Costa Rica. But what about a thrilling canopy tour right near town? In mere minutes you can begin an adventure that takes you up a forested mountain that’s populated by toucans, scarlet macaws, and white-faced monkeys. Revel in breathtaking views of Playa Jacó and Playa Hermosa as you soar through the air above a rich jungle canopy.

5. Shop for Local Artisan Works

While it may be a small town, Jacó has a big range of shops that are perfect picking up souvenirs. The works of local artists are found throughout eclectic boutiques. Browse hand-carved art made with locally sourced wood, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and clothing you can find nowhere else. Each Friday, stalls offer a bounty of handcrafted goods at a Farmer’s Market, where you can also find an abundance of tropical fruit, organic vegetables and taste traditional Costa Rican cuisine.

From romantic getaways and outdoor adventures to family beach vacations, Jacó is an amazing place to stay on your trip to Costa Rica.