Budget Tips For Costa Rica Travel: How Much You'll Spend
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Budget Tips For Costa Rica Travel

Date Published:
Aug 07, 2014
Budget Tips For Costa Rica Travel

Costa Rica is absolutely gorgeous. When you look in an international travel guide and see the beautiful photos, that's what Costa Rica really looks like. Here's how to take in that scenic beauty for cheap.

Beautiful waterfall in Costa Rica

Sleep Off the Beaten Path

Hotels start at around forty bucks, USD but a hostel dorm bed can go as low as six bucks, while a private room can be found for twenty five. These are spaces in safe neighborhoods where you can hang out with locals as well as fellow travelers. You may prefer the comfort of a luxury hotel reservation, but if you want to scrape a big chunk of change off your budget, hostels are a great way to do it.

Eat Local

A good "casado" at a local spot will run you five dollars, while other meals can go as low as a dollar a plate and street vendors can feed you a light meal for fifty cents. You could feed yourself with the change in your couch if you eat at great local places in Costa Rica. Eating in tourist areas, on the other hand, will have you paying up to twenty bucks for a dry hamburger and some stale French fries. Eat local, authentic food and you could save a good 90% on your dining budget. The good, cheap family places where you can get a meal for a buck or two are called "Sodas."

Nature is Free

There are free snorkeling areas and active volcanoes you can hike around and beaches you can chill on for free.


Now that you have saved money on expenses such as food and lodge, spend money on exciting fun adventures in Costa Rica. There are ziplining tours, fishing charters and ATV adventures to be had. Research and plan the adventures you are most interested in experiencing, prior to your Costa Rica vacation, and budget for them. Let's face it, getting out into the wilderness of a new country and experiencing adventures you do not experience at home, is the best part of vacationing. Costa Rica has beautiful beaches, waterfalls and rainforests to explore.