5 Things You Have To Do Before Traveling Internationally
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5 Things You Need To Do Before Traveling Internationally

Date Published:
Aug 12, 2014
5 Things You Need To Do Before Traveling Internationally

You don't want to go your whole life without traveling overseas but international travel can be stressful and dangerous. These tips will help you to stay safe in your travels.

Photocopy Your Passport

Obviously, getting a passport renewal right before traveling is a great idea but what if you lose or misplace your brand new passport? A photocopy just might suffice in an emergency. You may also want to bring along extra copies of passport photos, photo ID, your social security card and so on. You can lose your wallet and passport in minutes by leaving your coat or purse in an airport restroom and having all of those photocopies in your carry-on may just help get you where you're going in an emergency.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Destination

Jumping on a plane and heading to a foreign destination sounds exciting and fun; however you'll want to do some serious research before any trip, whether traveling for business or pleasure. You need to know the laws and customs where you're going in order to stay out of trouble, both socially and legally.


Carry More Cards Than Cash

You can cancel a debit card, you can call your bank about a lost debit card, however, stolen cash is gone forever. A stash of emergency cash is a good idea but please, don't just stack your wallet with hundreds and think you're set.

Avoid Travel to Unfriendly Nations

We do not mean countries where an international travel guide suggests is crime-ridden, we mean countries that have no diplomatic relations with your home nation. You are a representative of your homeland, so you want to be somewhere where your homeland is seen as an ally.

Keep Friends Informed

Select a few reliable friends and family members, give them copies of your itinerary and call them with check-ins whenever you can. This will help you stay safe and will lend you a little peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that you're not alone out here, you have some guardian angels back home.
Learn about the places you're visiting, talk to fellow travelers, and remember that common sense and caution are your most effective survival tools on the road.