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LGBT Travel to Costa Rica 101

Date Published:
Sept 29, 2015
LGBT Travel to Costa Rica 101

Costa Rica is beautiful. Costa Rica is relaxing. Costa Rica is exotic. But most importantly – Costa Rica is LGBT friendly and safe! Costa Rica is by far one of the best places in Central America for GLBT individuals and families to travel to.

Why LGBT Travelers Love Costa Rica

Costa Rica in general is gay-friendly, especially in the big cities like San Jose. You can also find a fun, relaxed atmosphere in beach towns like Jaco. GLBT travelers will enjoy the laidback and unassuming culture of the Costa Rican people. For a Latin country, you will not find the machismo that is apparent throughout Mexico, Central America and South America.

Not All Families Look Alike

Some families have kids, some don’t. Some families include close friends and some families include relatives like aunts and grandparents. Regardless of what your family looks like, Costa Rica really does provide a little something for everyone. With the jungle, beach and cloud forests all in one country, there is so much to choose from!

Safe Adventures for GLBT Families

International travel can be intimidating for LGBT families especially when traveling with little ones. The LGBT community can rely on Costa Rica to provide a colorful backdrop for a safe and fun family vacation. As with any trip to another country, look for a reliable tour company to book through. Your travel agent will have insight and advice regarding the local culture and their attitudes regarding GLBT travelers. Make sure to ask your travel agent for advice regarding where to go in Costa Rica (and even where to avoid).

A Well-Planned Vacation is a Good Vacation

When traveling to Costa Rica do your homework! There is a lot lost in translation and if you are not fluent in Spanish, consider using a reputable English speaking travel agency like Adventure Tours Costa Rica. GLBT families on holiday deserve to have confidence that the people they come in contact with while on vacation in Costa Rica are consistently professional and accountable.

Trip Advisor is a great site to check out the companies that you plan to come in contact with on your trip to Costa Rica. The Trip Advisor site relies entirely on guest reviews as the basis for their rating system and gives companies with the highest hospitality ratings their Certificate of Excellence. Take a little time before your trip to look over the comments of former guests of the hotels you plan to stay at and the restaurants you want to eat at. The Trip Advisor site also provides reviews on attractions such as the adventure tour excursions that are popular throughout Costa Rica like ATV jungle trips, ziplining, horseback riding, and deep sea fishing.

Be Open. Be Comfortable.

Our advice is to always ask before you book. Personal safety is paramount for GLBT families, couples and individuals traveling internationally. Spend your time on vacation relaxing rather than worrying by asking about the attitude of the owners of the place that you are staying before you book. Awkward moments, comments, looks and stares can be avoided by staying in a GLBT friendly condo or hotel in Costa Rica. If this information isn’t clearly stated on the website, make sure to ask your travel agent or professional.

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