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Costa Rica Segway Tours

Setting off from locations near Playa Jaco and Los Suenos, Costa Rica Segway Tours offer a variety of excellent guided tours for you to enjoy.  These tours are certified and authorized by Segway, so you know you’re getting the best experience possible.

While you’re visiting Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, don’t miss out on your opportunity to take a unique, eco-friendly Costa Rica Segway Island Tour.

We offer you an exciting experience traveling through jungle trails, sandy beaches, and enjoying views of the area that aren’t available anywhere else.  You’ll be provided with a new 2013 Off Road Segway X2 for this Costa Rica tour.

Tour Details – This Segway approved tour starts at our new offices conveniently located at the beautiful Manuel Antonio Marina.  We start every tour with training on how to ride the Segway - it’s easier than you think!  From there, we’ll glide down to Nahomi Park just a short distance away.  Here you will enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.  Many sloths, monkeys and other native animals hang out in this area, so have your camera ready for a great photo op.

We then head to Cocal Island by ferry.  The natural beauty of this island has been largely undisturbed.  We’ll ride on trails through the jungle, seeing wildlife and flora that most people will never observe.  We’ll stop at a local Sugar Cane Plantation, and enjoy some fresh cut samples.  In addition, we will see a small colony of friendly villagers who live on the island.

On the way back we take a break at a shaded area on the beach where you can pick a coconut and have our tour guide break it open for you to enjoy. After spending a little time on the beach, we head back to headquarters. Our Costa Rica Segway Tour is rated the #1 Quepos tour on Trip Advisor for 2013.

kids on a segway in Costa Rica

Why Take a Segway Authorized Tour?

  • Our tours use the latest 2013 Segway products.
  • Our tours follow the Segway recommended safety guidelines, allowing for a safe and exciting experience.
  • Our tours are designed to be Eco-friendly and do not harm the areas we travel through.
  • All our tours are pedestrian-friendly and follow local laws, customs and regulations


These one of a kind Segway approved tours last from 2.5-3 hours to half day, with prices starting at $95 per rider. Check them out:

Nature Lovers Tour

Starts at 9AM, allowing you to see the most wildlife possible, and enjoy the cooler morning temperatures.

Cost: $95 per rider

Sunset Tour

Starts at 3PM and is perfect for observing the breathtaking flora and fauna of Costa Rica.  You’ll also enjoy the Sunset over the Pacific Ocean, which is truly beautiful.

Cost: $95 per rider

The Half Day Jungle Island Segway Tour

This half day adventure is one of our popular tour packages.  It will start at our new offices, conveniently located at the beautiful Quepos Marina.  All riders will begin their day with a brief training session to teach you how to ride the Segway.

people on a Segway Tour in Costa RicaFrom the Quepos marina, we’ll start with a quick trip to Nahomi Park.  This park offers a variety of breathtaking sights, including raised viewing areas which provide incredible panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.  This area is also a popular place for monkeys and sloths, which frequently visit the area, so you’ll have a good chance at seeing them, and even taking their pictures.  This first stop ends with a traditional Tico breakfast, so bring your appetite!

When you’ve finished your breakfast, we’ll ride along a raised walkway between Quepos and the Pacific Ocean.  The ride is about a mile long, and will offer many exciting things to see.  This will bring us to the water ferry, which will take us to the Cocal Island, where the real adventure will begin.  Once we arrive on the island, we’ll travel deep into the jungle heart, seeing all that it has to offer.

The island has extraordinary natural beauty that isn’t often seen by visitors to Costa Rica.  There are no bridges or cars on the island, so the beautiful trails and beaches are left largely undisturbed.  You’ll also appreciate the sounds of nature that follow us throughout this experience.  We’ll see a small colony of friendly villagers, as well as stop at a sugar cane plantation, where we’ll sample fresh cut sugar cane (you’ve never tasted anything like it!).

people and segways at sunset in Costa RicaOn our way back to the water ferry, we’ll stop on the picturesque Pacific beaches and relax on the sand for a while.  You can pick your own coconut, and our guide will open it up for you so you can try the freshest coconut juice possible.

After returning on the water ferry, we’ll take a route through the streets of Quepos to return to our offices.

As a Segway authorized tour provider, we guarantee that you won’t find a better Segway tour option in Costa Rica. As proof of this, you can visit, where we were the #1 rated tour in Quepos in 2013!  Read through our many positive reviews, and know that we will work hard to give you the experience of a lifetime. So set off on a Segway by Playa Jaco and Los Suenos, Costa Rica

Cost: $150 per rider

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