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The Beauty of Tortuga Island

Date Published:
May 06, 2014
The Beauty of Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island is the definition of island paradise, with coconut palm trees lining the horizon, white beaches stretching as far as you can see, and clear blue waters that, were it not saltwater, you’d be happy to drink! The island is carefully curated and maintained so that even as more and more visitors seek to enjoy the peace, quiet, luxury, and beauty of Tortuga Island, the pristine condition in which they find it is retained. Is it time for you to benefit from Costa Rica’s high standard of care for their rich natural heritage?

What the Island Offers

There are a variety of activities available for you to participate in while on the island. If you’re on Tortuga Island strictly to relax, take a load off, and recover from a hectic life back on the mainland, then you can try sunbathing on the beach and enjoy the dinners and bars that the island’s luxury establishments host. On the other hand, if a more active vacation is your style, then get ready to really give yourself a workout!

Poás Volcano National Park

A variety of sports are being played all the time on the island – there’s just something about sun and a beautiful beach that brings out the athlete in people! From volleyball to swimming, the beach offers many opportunities to give yourself a healthy workout while enjoying it! You can also kayak along the coast or use a water bike to enjoy the waters. Inland, you can hike the island’s forested hills, and while that may be fun for a day, the island’s beaches will always draw you back!

The Perfect Introduction to Tortuga Island

Adventure Tours Costa Rica’s Tortuga Catamaran Tour is the ideal way to enjoy the white sands, clear waters, tropical fist, and incredible wealth of natural beauty that Tortuga Island offers. The tour will take you on a first-class cruise through the Gulf of Nicoya, a brief but memorable journey through a historic and breathtaking part of the world. While on the cruise, there is a good chance you will spot dolphins, sailfish, and perhaps a humpback whale in the water as you journey through the gulf!

Your adventure begins with a Costa Rican breakfast in the historic port town of Puntarenas, at which point you board your ship and enjoy a few drinks at the catamaran’s full bar. A day at sea isn’t complete without a little rum in your belly, after all.

While board the boat you can cool off on the boat’s pool, relaxing in the shade and taking a break from the sun. Snorkeling, a banana boat ride, and other enjoyable experiences are also available on the tour; as an introduction to Tortuga Island and the relaxing, yet ultimately enriching, activities available on it, few things compare to the Tortuga Catamaran Tour!