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Monteverde, Costa Rica

Sloth Sanctuary & Butterfly Gardens

Chill with the Sloths and Be One with the Butterflies at Selvatura Park

Monteverde upsidedown sloth

Some days, you feel like a butterfly — light and colorful, floating and flapping through the air. Other days, you feel like a sloth — slow-moving but still adorable. And sometimes, you feel like both.

There’s a tour for that. It’s the Selvatura Park Sloth Sanctuary and Butterfly Garden Combination Tour. This day tour gives adventurers a chance to interact with stunning sloths and gorgeous butterflies in ways they never thought possible.

Sloths and butterflies are two of Costa Rica’s most interesting types of wildlife, and no other tour offers you a chance to see them both in breathtaking settings on the same day. Read on to learn more about this one-of-a-kind combination tour.

The Sloth Sanctuary

The Selvatura Park Sloth Sanctuary is home to more than 20 Costa Rican sloths who lost or were driven from their native homes by illness, accidents, poaching, and habitat destruction. Do your part in supporting these incredible creatures by visiting the sanctuary and marveling at them up close.

The area has been carefully designed to encourage the sloths to traverse special paths throughout the sanctuary that bring them close to visitors but prevent as much stress as possible.

Sloths roam the canopy and hang upside down from branches and posts as you walk through, breathless and with your natural curiosity satisfied.

During this 45-minute part of the sloth and butterfly combination tour, you will encounter both two-toed sloths and three-toed sloths — the two species native to Costa Rica. Promoting conservation and sloth protection is a key part of the Sloth Sanctuary’s mission, and your participation in this tour is an opportunity to get involved with this commendable mission.

Monteverde butterfly park tour

The Butterfly Garden

Costa Rica is home to more than 1,500 species of butterflies, and in the Selvatura Park butterfly gardens, you can see more than 30 of the most colorful species native to various climates and altitudes across the country.

Monteverde butterfly garden tour

With a central dome towering 50 feet above a closed garden that is 90 feet wide and 300 feet long, this is one of the biggest butterfly gardens in North and South America. I

Inside, you will not only see bright, beautifully colored butterflies, but dense, lush gardens that showcase Costa Rican rainforest plant life and create a comfortable home for our resident species.

A knowledgeable and friendly guide walks you through the garden as the sound of tiny flapping wings fills the air.

You will come away with a wealth of knowledge about these special creatures and perhaps a one-on-one encounter with one or even several. Butterflies are known to land on visitors’ hands, arms, clothes, and even noses when the conditions are right.

Getting Ready for the Sloth Sanctuary and Butterfly Garden Combo Tour

Monteverde butterfly garden

Both legs of this combination tour last 45 minutes each, and tours run every day at 8:30 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 2:30 p.m.

Wondering what to bring? Be sure to pack comfortable clothes and cameras or binoculars so you don’t miss a chance to see some Costa Rican wildlife up close. And if the weather looks wet, be sure to pack some rain gear so you don’t end the day soaked. Because both enclosures are warm, humid environments, you will also want to bring a cloth to clean your lenses or glasses.

Get Closer to Costa Rican Wildlife

If you want to commune with sloths and connect with butterflies, this is your chance to check two boxes on your bucket list with one tour.

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George Kokai

Roseville, CA
The sloth sanctuary was amazing! If you want to see sloths up close, but still be respectful of nature (i.e., a place that actually takes care of the animals instead of parading them for business), then this is the place. They had 18 female two-toed sloths. All female so that there is no mating. These sloths are all there to enjoy their last days in a safe, caring environment. The guides at the sanctuary are full of knowledge and it was a real treat to enjoy these amazing creatures and learn about them in detail. This was a bucket list item for us!


Medford, Oregon
It was lovely to see the sloths. Our guide gave lots of information. The butterflies were beautiful. An hour well spent.