Monteverde Zipline Canopy Tram & Hanging Bridges
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Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde Canopy, Tram & Bridges
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Monteverde Zipline, Sky Tram & Hanging Bridges Combo Tour

Monteverde zipline canopy skytrek

On this three-tour combo excursion, experience the incredible views and stunning natural beauty that the Monteverde cloud forest has to offer in three uniquely different ways. Ease into exploration with a serine, zero-effort tram ride up to a mountaintop observation platform offering breathtaking panoramic views.

Step up your adventure with a wondrous nature walk on a series of crisscrossing suspension bridges. Go turbo, with the heart-pounding adrenaline of a seven-cable, high-altitude canopy zipline course that will have you reaching speeds of over 40 miles an hour.

This combo adventure features some hiking through the forest, high elevations, and a high-speed zipline, so you will want to dress accordingly.

We recommend comfortable, loose fitting clothing, a jacket or raincoat, and hiking boots or tennis shoes with grip soles. Monteverde has a cooler climate that is humid from the moisture of the cloud forest, so come prepared for your best possible experience.

Unforgettable Views of Nature’s Majesty

Hop on an aerial tram gondola with your bilingual guide and enjoy a smooth ascent up the side of the reserve’s tallest mountain. With no physical exertion needed, this trip will give you the opportunity to focus all of your attention on the incredible views and breathtaking landscapes that surround you. Your friendly guide will answer questions and highlight points of interest as you pass by on this slow, peaceful climb.

Monteverde Sky Gondola Adventure

Arriving at the top of the mountain, find your moment of Zen at the observation platform.

This magnificent vista unfolding before you features lush, rolling hills, dense rainforest canopy, and huge, open skies.

Arenal volcano can be seen looming on the edge of one horizon, while the gulf of Nicoya merges with the skyline on the other. Before you go, snap a few photos as keepsakes to enjoy and share with friends and family back home.

Cloud Forest Discovery From Earth to Sky

Monteverde Cloudforest Guided Tour

Your next adventure keeps the good vibes going with a chance to explore the cloud forest through a one and a half mile hike along peaceful, tropical trails and crisscrossing suspension bridges. Unspoiled, old-growth trees, vibrant moss and twisting vines surround you here.

As your naturalist guide walks beside you along the well-maintained paths, they share the mysteries of the dense vegetation and fascinating wildlife that thrives beneath the canopy.

Monkeys, coatis and two-toed sloths live here, along with dozens of other mammalian species, chattering insects, colorful birds and intriguing reptiles. Your tennis shoes come in handy over a series of inclines along the way. As you step onto the first of several hanging bridges, your perspective changes from earth to sky.

This elevated vantage point offers a complete view of the rainforest canopy from as high as 230 feet above ground level.

A Heart-Pounding Canopy Zipline Adventure

Monteverde best zipline tour

This thrilling, high-altitude canopy zipline course will have you flying down a series of 7, back-to-back cables for a once in a lifetime adrenaline rush you will not soon forget. Arriving by tram at the top of the mountain, you begin a high-speed descent that includes expansive cables stretching across vast canyons, taking you from one state of the art platform to another.

On this fantastic adventure, you cross mountains on cables up to 2,460 feet in length.

The canopy treetops fly by at speeds of up to 43.5 MPH. Your top height on this heart-pounding zipline is 328 feet above ground level. With no walking between platforms, there is nothing to interrupt you once the adventure begins.

Exclusively designed, state of the art equipment, certified braking systems, and experienced, professional guides keep you safe throughout your journey, so harness up, kick back and enjoy the ride!

From peaceful to powerful, this amazing day trip gives you new ways to discover the cloud forest
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John Beckman

Denver, Colorado
Bring your courage. These zip lines are no joke. Incredible experience.