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Jaco, Costa Rica

Tour de la Paz
ATV Waterfall

3 Hour ATV Tour

Experience the thrill of traversing exciting trails cutting through Costa Rica's lush rainforests and rugged outback on our highly acclaimed 3-Hour Tour de la Paz. On this ATV tour, adventure-seekers are treated to a perfect blend of adrenaline-pumping exploration, awe-inspiring panoramas, and a refreshing dip at a secluded waterfall—all in one unforgettable journey.

Lead by seasoned guides, you'll embark on a thrilling escapade spanning 20 kilometers through the winding rainforest mountain trails that tower above the town of Jaco Beach. So brace yourself - this is where the fun begins!

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Adrenaline-pumping exploration, awe-inspiring panoramas, and a refreshing dip at a secluded waterfall—all in one unforgettable journey.

Your Adventure Begins

Cascada del Zorro waterfall Costa Rica 3 Hour ATV tour Jaco

Following a friendly local pickup you'll be warmly welcomed at the Adventure Tours Costa Rica office, where you'll receive essential safety instructions from our experienced guides. They'll make sure you're geared up with top-notch safety equipment and give you a quick test drive to get comfortable with your machine. Feel free to ask any questions you have and get to know your guide – they'll be with you every step of the way on this epic journey!

Once you're all set, it's time to rev up and head towards the towering rainforest mountains above Jaco! Feel the excitement as we ascend the slopes. About mid-way up, we'll make a pit stop at a gorgeous waterfall - the first of two we'll visit on this tour. Cool off a bit with a splash of water, snap some incredible photos, and we're off again!

Breathtaking Panoramic Vistas

incredible views 3 hour atv tour jaco costa rica

Beyond the peak of the mountain awaits a stunning mirador - a vantage point that unveils a panoramic spectacle of nature's grandeur. From this elevated perch, gaze out upon the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, where its rhythmic waves dance upon the sandy shores. To the south, the horizon stretches as far as Manuel Antonio Park, where lush greenery meets the azure sea. Towards the west, the silhouette of the Nicoya Peninsula emerges, its rugged coastline painting a picture of untamed beauty. Casting your eyes northward, you'll catch a glimpse of the bustling port city of Puntarenas shimmering in the distance. It's a breathtaking vista that perfectly captures Costa Rica's splendor.

Hidden Jungle Waterfall

Waterfall visit during 3 hour atv tour jaco costa rica

Continuing our journey along the rugged mountain summits, we'll eventually head back into the rainforest, delving deeper into the heart of the jungle before emerging into an expanse of mesmerizing outback, rolling hills, and farmlands. We'll traverse through remote mountain villages that are seldom seen by the average traveler. It's a chance to view the authentic charm of Costa Rica's rural life, where simplicity meets serenity amidst lush landscapes.

After an exhilarating ride, we'll reach the highlight of your 3-hour ATV adventure: a breathtaking waterfall. Here, we will leave our machines behind, and set out on a short hike into the jungle. As we emerge from the foliage, you're greeted with a stunning cascade where you'll have the opportunity to unwind, take a refreshing swim, and cool off in the natural pool.

As you soak in the serene ambiance, let the sounds of rushing water and exotic birds serenade your senses. It's moments like these that define the true essence of Costa Rica—a harmonious blend of beauty and tranquility you will remember for years to come.


Trail conditions and rider abilities may affect the routes we take during our ATV tours. Certain features mentioned above may not be accessible on every excursion. Communicate directly with your guide on the day of your tour to receive an updated description of the expected route, as conditions can vary from day to day in the rainforest mountains.

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Bobbie Busha

Hartwell, Ga, USA
Jean Paul and Maykel were excellent guides! We had a blast! They constantly checked on our group of six, who were all good riders! They took tons of videos and photos. They were helpful with helmets and answering questions. They let us set the pace! We enjoyed the walk to the waterfalls. The rainforest was beautiful! Uber dropped us off at the wrong location. Valeria went over and above to pick us up and take us to the correct location. Suggestion: water should be made available on the tour on hot days, particularly. We were fortunate to go on the 8:00 a.m. tour, but it would be uncomfortable if you took the 11:00 or later tour, and reached the top of that waterfall without any water, especially for more “ Senior” riders. Only other suggestion: provide lockers.


Chicago , Illinois
Jon Paul (JP) was our guide and he was awesome. He was fun, knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone who works there was great. The views were breathtaking and the waterfalls were so refreshing. Our entire family had a fantastic time. We highly recommend this company and JP!

Carolina Moraga

San Jose, SJ
Un tour increíble superó mis expectativas! Y nuestro guía Jordan fue excelente definitivamente lo recomendaría

William Galpine

Awesome!!! tour our guide was extremely knowledgeable about the area and the wildlife, he spoke English very well, we had a blast, it made our whole trip to costa rica. Definitely do this tour when you're here, I will do it again when I come back

Jocelyn Adams

Lawrenceville, GA
We had a great experience on this tour. Our guide Mike was awesome leading us through the trail and checked on us throughout the trip to make sure we were good since we all had limited experience. We drove through the city, up and down a scenic mountain trail, to a beautiful view to take pictures, then to a hidden waterfall to swim (in some cold water). On the drive back we got to go through a muddy trail which was great. I would definitely recommend!

Janet Rohlik

Jaco , Costa Rica
We did the ATV's in Jaco and had a great time! It was easy to book and our guide was fantastic!

Haley Cline

Nashville, TN
Guides were awesome - very friendly and knowledgable about the wildlife and local area in general.

Linda B

Ontario, Canada
Beautiful views and the staff was great

Linda B

Ontario, Canada
Beautiful views and the staff was great

Linda B

Ontario, Canada
Beautiful views and the staff was great

Project Stadam

Brattleboro , VT

Project Stadam

Brattleboro , VT


Wilmington , NC
Guides made this tour a 5, I’ve been on better rides but no complaints with this.

Nick Spencer

London, UK
Jorge was incredible

Fernando Gutiérrez

San José , Moravia
Un gran guía, excelente atención

Nick Wolfe

Riverview, FL
Best place to ride a atv in Jaco, everyone was so helpful and prompt with time . Tour guides went above and behind to make our ride unforgettable! Thank you again


Fishers, Indiana
My husband and I had an amazing time doing the ATV Waterfall tour. We were both nervous but our guide, Pachi made us feel comfortable. The top of the mountain was breathtaking and the waterfall was refreshing. We got to take our time to get lots of pics. I would highly recommend using this company for your tour.


Reisterstown, MD
We chose the 3 hour ATV-Waterfall tour in Jaco and was blown away by the sights. Our tour guides quickly taught us what we needed to know and gave us different ATV’s based on our experience level. It exceeded our expectations in every way! The waterfall stop was amazing to wash some of the dirt off and relax before making our way back down to the city. It was sunny and hot and a perfect experience. We highly recommend!!!

Sam Vas

Albany, OR
What an amazing tour! Our guide Alex was laid back and helpful - he even switched with my wife on the way up the mountain so she could use a wider and stabler ATV. He also found me a helmet with the right attachment for my GoPro. The tour itself is great fun - and the waterfall / swimming hole was a great capstone. We'd highly recommend this tour to anyone!


Edinburgh , United Kingdom
I had an excellent experience, the tour guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, he showed many interesting plants and animals, we stopped at beautiful viewpoints, swam in a lake, and altogether the guide put a lot of effort to make the experience special and memorable, highly recommend!


Detroit, Mi
This was an amazing time and totally worth the cost. Would highly recommend seeing the waterfall! Don't wear white. Haha


Long Island , New York
Gorge was very friendly and helpful. It was my best day out in Jaco

Stephanie S Simon

Beautiful tour, the guides were amazing and encouraging through the entire tour. We got some wonderful photos to remember this adventure by. Getting an invoice and setting up transportation was EXTREMELY easy!! 10/10 would recommend.

Wendy McGillewie

Trip was awesome with stopping at the water hole!!! Guides were amazing!! Thank you!!

Natalie U


This was a beautiful tour. I was so into it that I didn't realize the time had just passed by so quickly. 5 stars!

Ned C

Santa Monica

It was a lot of fun trekking through the rainforest. We were enjoying it more when the guides would play mini games with us to see if we were paying attention. This was the best vacation trip ever.

Robin C


You have to check out the Tour De La Paz

Samantha J


Thank you Adventure Tours for a great time.

Mel W

Santa Rosa, Florida

We had a great time, my husband and I did with Adventure Tours Costa Rica. We took a tour of Costa Rica on these nice ATVs as we soaked in the scenery. The waterfalls were my favorite part. Something about them just gives me this calm sense of mind. We also got to go and check out the wildlife. I love nature and all it’s secrets.

Bonnie S

Santa Clara,California

This was by far the best vacation I have ever taken. I went with my boyfriend and a few other friends for a getaway. We needed a time away from our lives to refresh and catch up. It was more having fun than getting a chance to catch up since we were so busy. The guides were really cool and know how to have a good time

Carlos g

Alameda California

I went on the ATV tour when I visited Costa Rica. The guide was very outgoing and personable. He made me feel right at home even though I was thousands of miles from my place. I will be returning next year.

Jeremy S

Orange, California

Alan was very professional and friendly. He had us engaged the whole time we were together. I intend to return soon. I hope he will still be there and will be able to enjoy his company with our friends. Would recommend if you are in the area.

Hunter Q

Los Angeles California

I would recommend these tours to anyone looking to get away and just have a good time.The scenery is gorgeous and the people there are amazing. there are so many different activities to choose from. I will be going back soon

Matt R


Great atv tour

My friends and I had a group of 10 and thoroughly enjoyed the tour! Knowledgeable guides showed us up a mountain and to a great fresh water cliff jump.

Cabana K


Five of us took the 3 hour Waterfall tour with a Rhino and 2 Honda atvs with Geraldo as our guide, on the afternoon of March 12, 2019. What a blast. Don't even think of doing an atv tour without including the waterfall. It's definitely worth the extra time and money. Not only is the waterfall and pool a great place to jump in and take a swim, but the trail to get there is cool to navigate as well.

Geraldo stopped periodically to to make sure we were all having a good time. On the way back, he stopped three times to point out toucans sitting in the trees. I still don't know how he could ride and spot those birds at the same time! The ride consisted of dirt roads where you could let the atv unwind, together with challenging hills and valleys that required either a considerable amount of throttle or brakes, together with the waterfall trail that contained more of the same. As a novice rider, ridden twice in CR and Hawaii, I enjoyed the heck out of this ride.

MS Fulton


Having traveled all over Costa Rica for the past 20 years, I have enjoyed a variety of different tours. As a travel guide, I look for several things when booking my groups: Safety, dependability, honesty and excitement! Adventure Tours Costa Rica provides all that and more! Having found them a few years back, I make it a point to have all my groups experience their 3-4 hour ATV tour.

Dawn K


ATV & Waterfall 3 hour tour.

This was our 17 year old son's favorite tour while on our 6 day vacation in Costa Rica. Our guide, Gerald, was terrific! He was very good at evaluating our skill levels and paced the tour according to how we were driving.



There were 4 of use. We each got our own ATV and rode to a look out. It was beautiful. Then we rode to a water fall

We had an amazing time. WE rode ATV's to a look out over the country and the Pacific Ocean. It was amazing. We then rode to a waterfall where we went swimming to cool off. It was a 3 hour tour and we had a wonderful time. ATV trails were not very difficult to drive. Just dirt roads.

Ana Victoria


Great experience, nice guide, enough time driving around. The river we went to was beautiful and we could swim and jump



Great tour! My husband and I did a 3 hour tour and got to see some great landscapes! Our tour guide was great, very informative, professional and took his time with our tour. Our tour consisted of riding through the mountainside up to a point where you can see like 3 of Costa Rica’s cities. Then we made our way down to see some waterfalls and got to take a dip in a beautiful river pool. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is visiting Jaco. You get to see the nature that the country has for you and the service was great.

Nick C


We really enjoyed our tour and our guide was great! It was a blast to ride quads through the trails, mountain sides, and rain forest. We even had a stop where we were able to jump off a small cliff into the water. Great experience!

Tamy S

London, United Kindong

Went on the trip with my son (19). Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great views of Jaco and Tortuga from the top of mountains. Swimming and jumping into waterfall were great ways to cool off. Quads were in good condition and we were offered either manual or semi-automatic so dead easy to drive.

Meggan L


This tour was amazing for my family. We wanted to ride through the mountains and visit a waterfall, and this tour gave us all of that. Highly recommend!!!

Michael M


Worth every minute of the experience. Great off road journey that really gets into some astounding country and scenary. Guides are great. The actual trip can take either a half day or longer. Rugged country and mostral trails and dirt roads. Ecpect to get down and dirty. No real ATV experiece needed. Its a load of fun with a stop at a really nice local watering hole....i.e. BAR. Definately wear covering clothes and be ready t go back to where ever your are staying for a shower, maybe RR from the rough ride.

Patricia D


This experience was amazing we were able to ride through the city as well as the mountain ride up the mountains and down the mountains and experience the waterfall our guide took us to a wonderful restaurant/bar in the mountains where we had the best patacones ever! I would definitely recommend this experience for any family or any goodbye friends when visiting Costa Rica



Riding through the jungles of Costa Rica...the rice fields...the rough terrain and mud...the amazing Mountain View’s, the villages...the waterfalls, stopping to buy tropical fruit from the locals on the way back is something I cannot even put into words. I literally can’t come up with anything that does this experience justice. 🗣 If you come here. DO IT! 🏍🌾🌳🌴🌱☁️🌺 BTW Gerald, the young man who guided us was so knowledgeable, friendly, explained different parts of the trip and gave us a choice to go right or left, gave us local history, took pictures for us whenever we wanted...was personable and pretty awesome! I’ve already sent their info to some friends who are going to CR in a couple of weeks. It’s euphoric.

Kat Gan

Orlando, California

We had such an amazing time on the 3 hour ATV tour. We also had the best guide, Gerardo! Our little family loved every minute and never laughed so hard. We will definitely be going back!

Rob L


I have been on many ATV tours all over the world, and this one was in my top 3 trips! The sights were amazing (Waterfall, Jaco beach overlook, mountains, rainforest) and the machines were in great riding shape. We were lucky to book a trip in the late afternoon, and NOT on the weekend....which meant that the 3 of us had a private tour. Being experienced riders, we were able to go faster than if in a large group. If you only have the morning available, and you are experienced, you should book a private tour. The tour guide "Alan" was bi-lingual and an excellent tour guide. We tipped him $20 USD per person, which is something EVERYONE should do. You get to see an amazing country and get your shot of adrenaline too....why not take care of the guy who helps you create awesome memories?? I highly recommend this tour.



Best tour we took in Costa Rica! Thank you Jatnoel!

This trip was everything we had hoped it would be...and more. It took us through the rainforest, rivers, small villages, to a waterfall, uphill, downhill, through small herds of wandering cows on the dirt road, up through the mountains, had lunch at a mountaintop restaurant with a beautiful view, learned a lot about the country, economy, the people, culture and had a great day getting to know the places you wouldn't see from the roadside.

Jay Brooklyn

New York

Had a great time with Kevin and Mariana as tour guides. They showed us the back roads on Honda ATVs into the rainforest and instead of waterfall, we jumped into a river fed fresh water pool which had a smaller waterfall.



Had a great time

Super fun tour. Our tour guides literally took us to a remote part of the jungle that ended in a waterfall. Come dressed to get dirty, but that's why it's so memorable. You're going to have a great time



Me and my girlfriend had an amazing experience on our ATV tour. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and fun! The trails were great and it was so cool going through the jungle on ATVs. The cooloff in the natural swimming hole with a waterfall was even better than I could have imagined. They even picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel. This was a great experience all around and I would recommend it to anyone staying in the Jaco area!