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Time of Groupers, snappers and roosters.

Date Published:
Mar 18, 2012
Time of Groupers, snappers and roosters.

The offshore Los Suenos fishing has been exceptional here in over the the past few weeks. There are lots of sailfish out there hungry to be caught.

Every day has been a little different, but on slow days most boats are getting 5-10 bites per day, catching 3-8 on average. On good days, boats are getting 10-20 bites a day, and catching 8-15. A few boats have even gotten over 20 bites.

The conditions for offshore fishing in Costa Rica have been excellent. Seas have been flat and very calm, skies sunny, and temps in the upper 80’s.

Inshore Los Suenos fishing has been great. There have been lots of groupers and snappers around to catch and fill a cooler with meat for dinner. There have be several large groupers (40-80lbs) caught in the past few weeks which are a real prize catch.

The rooster fish action has been very good and consistent as well. There are lots sardines to catch around the beaches which provide a good source of bait to use around the rocks for some nice roosters.

All and all, another great season of Los Suenos Fishing!

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