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Los Suenos fishing in full swing

Date Published:
Feb 11, 2012
Los Suenos fishing in full swing

Los Suenos fishing in high season is now in full swing. We’ve had sunny days in the 80’s, with supremely flat seas. There has been little to no swell which has made spotting rising fish in our wake very easy.

In the past week most Los Suenos fishing charters are reporting 10 – 15 bites per day. Lucky captains have had over twenty bites in a day. In the few days we were out last week, we went six for nine, eight for fourteen and eight for 12.

The bite has been coming in spurts with several chances in repeatedly, followed by an hour or so of calm. Patience is a virtue, and waiting for a sailfish to jump or tail will let us know we’re in the right area, and to just sit tight until they get hungry again.

The best action has been about twenty miles out from the Los Suenos marina. The boats that have been heading out farther have had mixed results.

The marlin bite has been a bit slow over the past week, but should be warming up soon. We will usually get one or two chances per day at a marlin, but also go days without seeing them. The best marlin day reported lately was five bites.

The dorado bite has been slow lately, but the mahi getting caught is usually around twenty-five to fifty pounds.

The Los Suenos fishing inshore has been great just southeast of the marina. The groupers, snappers and roosters have been showing up in good numbers. The normally hot Tortuga Island area has been slow of late due to a bit of red tide, but that should clear out soon.

That’s yourLos Suenos fishing report for this week. Until next time.

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