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The Sails Are Back!

Date Published:
Dec 16, 2014
The Sails Are Back!

Through late October and November, we watched the Mahi-Mahi, (Dorado), flood into our calm pacific fishing grounds approximately 3-4 miles offshore from the Los Suenos Marina here in beautiful Costa Rica. As we move into December, the numbers are only getting stronger and will get stronger still in the months to come. The long, sunny days of high season are upon us, and they provide excellent conditions for action-packed, cloudless days full of exciting fights from these acrobatic dinner fish, which are ranging approximately 20-40 lbs. in size. It has been typical to pull anywhere from 2-4 aboard on each charter.

Joining the Dorado in fantastic numbers are our world famous Marlin. Striped Marlin are most prevalent, averaging approximately 100-150 lbs. each. These beautiful gamefish are powerful fighters, so if it's thrills you are seeking, Striped Marlin are happy to oblige. We are getting at least one shot per day at Striped Marlin offshore.

Sailfish are also making a good showing, with typical activity ranging approximately 5-15 bites per day. The conditions are perfect to see this activity only increasing throughout high and peak season as we head deeper into the prime fishing months in Costa Rica.

Yellowfin Tuna have finally started showing up. They are arriving late in the game this year, but within the past few weeks, we have been catching Yellowfins in the 30-50 lbs. range, which is the perfect size for fresh, delicious sushi after an exciting day of Los Suenos Sportsfishing.

The clear blue skies and gentle, flat seas of high season makes for red-hot Sportsfishing, and we are gearing up for the best fishing charters of the year. We expect unprecedented numbers of Sailfish, Dorados and Striped Marlin off shore, and an ample supply of Groupers, Snappers, Bonitas, Roosters and Tile & Rose Fish inshore, straight through until April. If this pattern holds, by May we should see a huge population of Blue Marlin joining in.

This is the perfect season for Los Suenos Sportsfishing. If you have dreamed of fishing here, now is the time. Remember, spaces are incredibly limited, and many charters are booked months in advance. Don't miss out. Don't wait to book. Our agents are here to help you make your Costa Rica Sportsfishing dream a reality. Contact us today!

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