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Signs of High Season

Date Published:
Oct 31, 2014
Signs of High Season

With rainy season coming to a close, high season, the most favorable fishing season in Los Suenos Costa Rica, is about to begin!

Sailfish are turning up in good numbers over the past few weeks, and our top of the line sportsfishing boats have been catching and releasing approximately 4-8 sailfish per day on our full day offshore sportsfishing charters. Blue and striped marlin have been in supply as well, though in smaller numbers. We expect great numbers of sails and marlins beginning approximately mid-November and continue straight through April.

Delicious, tropical Mahi Mahi, (Dorado), are also returning to our calm pacific offshore fishing grounds, providing us with excellent table fare. These surface-dwelling fish have compressed bodies with sparkling golden sides that are accented with bright blues and greens. A single dorsal fin, often called a "ray-fin", stretches the length of their bodies, making these warm water fish instantly recognizable. While they are beautiful to behold, they are twice as good to eat - but they won't go quietly! The name "Mahi Mahi" is Hawaiian for "very strong", and these tough fighters live up to their moniker. Pulling in a Mahi Mahi provides excellent thrills for any angler, from experienced to novice. Over the past few weeks, we have been finding them in numbers approximately 8-15 miles off shore and weighing it between 10-30 lbs.

Though roosterfish are in great supply throughout the year in our inshore waters just out of Los Suenos Marina, November through March provide the highest year-round density for these exotic fighters. We are gearing up for a rush of roosters this year.

Inshore bottom fishing has also been great over the past few months, with a large supply of snowy groupers, rose fish and tilefish biting in the 350-400 foot range. All delicious to eat, each of these fish have amazing and unique flavors.

The snowy grouper, which is indigenous to Costa Rica, has a mild, sweet taste that is similar to black grouper but with greater complexities. These fish can be found throughout Central and South America, preferring warm, tropical waters. They provide a light, flakey texture that is perfect for ceviche, grilling, sautéing or pan-roasting.

Rosefish are not as commonly found in Costa Rica, typically being in highest numbers throughout the North Atlantic. Often called "ocean perch", they are not actually a true perch, but are classed in the Rockfish group. The rosefish's tender and flaky white meat is similar to sea bass and provides a sweet, subtle flavor that is absolutely delicious.

Tilefish prefer to school around the reefs and floatsome located inshore and have a primary diet of crab, shrimp, and other crustaceans, giving these delicious fish a sweet, nutty taste. Their clean, white meat is moist and flaky, making them excellent for pan-frying in butter.

Whether you seek the chase and thrill of offshore, big game sportsfishing, or the calm and joy of trolling inshore for a delicious, fresh-caught meal, now is the time to book your Los Suenos Costa Rica sportsfishing charter. Spaces are limited and fill up quickly! Contact one of our agents today to make your reservations.