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Green Season Starts with Spectacular Sportfishing

Date Published:
May 01, 2018
Green Season Starts with Spectacular Sportfishing

The start of the green season is a great time for Costa Rica fishing charters that offer both inshore bounties and offshore big game fishing at one of the top Costa Rica destinations for adventurous anglers.

Offshore Fishing for Mighty Marlin

As we head into the glorious green season, it’s the perfect time to go after Blue and Black Marlin. Some of the most sought-after treasures in the sea, these prized gamefish are abundant in the waters of the Central Pacific Coast from May to July, when flat, calm waters create an environment that most anglers can only dream of. It’s the perfect time to test your skills against these formidable foes, known to be one of the strongest and fastest fish in the ocean and sure to put on amazing aerial displays as they’re landed. Their smaller cousins, Striped Marlin, are plentiful all year long.

Top Fishing Spots for Yellowfin Tuna

While it’s common to encounter Yellowfin Tuna in large numbers from January to July, May and June are particularly good months to hook larger fish. We’re seeing a good showing of moderate-sized fish in the 20 to 40-pound range feeding with pods of porpoises, while 100 pounders are not uncommon and Yellowfins in the 200-pound range are regularly hooked. With our expert crews to advise on their fussy bait preferences, you’re almost guaranteed to reel in something hefty for a delectable dinner.

Hooking Delicious Dorado Fish

Mahi Mahi fish caught in Costa Rica

Although autumn is peak season for Dorado (Mahi Mahi), there’s a spike in the green season when rising coastal rivers sweep tree branches and other natural debris into the ocean. While normally found farther offshore, you’re bound to come across these colorful Dorado under the branches that are close to the coast. These fast fish can display stunning bursts of speed and perform magnificent jumps on light tackle, making the mouthwatering feast they’ll provide even more rewarding.

An Abundance of Inshore Catches

The green season is one of the best times for inshore fishing. Rugged headlands, rocky islands and broad estuaries around Los Sueños teem with a diverse variety that includes snappers, jacks, mackerel and grouper. In May and June, you’ve also got a good chance at catching some of the largest roosterfish we see all year. With its iconic fanlike dorsal fin, roosterfish that are found at moderate depths make for exciting catches and even more satisfying meals. While casting poppers, slow trolling with live bait and dropping jigs along the inshore reefs, you’re also likely to hook some tasty wahoo to bring home for dinner.

While the green season that runs from May to November is also known as the rainy season, don’t mistakenly believe that your trip will be doused by downpours. Many days don’t see rain at all. You can almost always count on sunny skies in the morning, and afternoon rains tend to be brief. The lush coast comes alive to create a vibrant green backdrop to your ocean outing. Charters from Los Sueños Marina book well in advance, so don’t wait to contact our agents and secure the saltwater fishing adventure of a lifetime on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast.

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