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Great Sportfishing in Green Season

Date Published:
Aug 07, 2017
Great Sportfishing in Green Season

We have been seeing unusually large numbers of Sailfish in the central Pacific out of Los Suenos Resort and Marina here in beautiful Costa Rica. July and August typically bring us around 3-5 Sailfish bites per trip, but over the past few weeks, we have been getting upward of 10-12 bites Sailfish bites daily. Along with the Sailfish offshore, Blue and Striped Marlin have also been going strong, which is normal for this time of year. Bigger Yellowfin Tuna have been very good in numbers over the past few months. We are seeing Tuna in the 20-40 pound range, making themselves easy to catch on our artificial lures. For the larger Tuna, live bait has been bringing them in.

Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo have been ranging both inshore and offshore lately. We are usually seeing Wahoo in the 20-30 pound size, but have spotted some larger fish lately as well.

For inshore sportfishing, flotsam caused by the late afternoon rains over the past few weeks have brought us a good amount of tree logs to troll. We are finding Mahi Mahi and smaller Yellowfin, along with Black Marlin and even the occasional Sailfish. We have had success using live bait around the reefs to catch Black Marlin. Coming in at the 400-500 pound range, these acrobatic fish put up a tough fight complete with spectacular aerial jumps that make them one of the most exciting fish you can catch out of Los Suenos!

Our inshore fish have been plentiful, and we are seeing great diversity in species. We have been catching Cubera and Silky Snapper, Amberjacks, Snowy and Yellowcheek Grouper, Longfin Sea Bass, Rosefish and Grey Tilefish in good numbers. Silky Snappers have been so plentiful, we are having fantastic success dead dropping at 200 feet for medium and small sized fish. 12-18 pound Silky Snappers are bring caught at 300-400 feet using either dead drop or butterfly jigs.

If you have been wanting to make your Sportfishing dreams a reality, now is the perfect time to book. Local condo and hotel rates are at the cheapest prices of the year, so planning your Los Suenos Costa Rica sportfishing trip for August-November dates will bring you excellent savings. If you’re ready to go fishing, contact one of our agents now!