Costa Rica Fishing Report March 2022
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Costa Rica Fishing Report March 2022

Date Published:
Mar 01, 2022
Costa Rica Fishing Report March 2022

Costa Rica Fishing Report March 2022

The rainy season is headed this way fast, but it’s not here yet. That means you have the whole month of March to enjoy peak fishing conditions in Costa Rica. Expect a dry-ish and temperate month that brings the fish to the Los Sueños and Jaco areas in droves.

Reading about fishing in Costa Rica just isn’t the same thing as actually coming here and getting a line in the water. Go ahead and read our March Costa Rica fishing report, but don’t let your visions of thrashing marlin and huge tarpon be nothing more than distant dreams. Make them a reality by finding your way to Costa Rica this March.

Need a little help getting here and booking a fishing charter? That’s what we’re here for. The friendly and helpful team at Adventure Tours Costa Rica is ready to help you find the perfect accommodations, excursions and fishing charters for your March fishing trip.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Let’s see what’s going on in the water this coming month.

March Fishing Weather in Costa Rica

Dorado at Los Suenos

The heat really turns up in March around these parts. Expect daily high temperatures that average around 91 degrees Fahrenheit, and you should be surprised if the expected high falls below 89 degrees F at all. Lows average around the low 80s.

Warm water means happy fish, but you’ll also note that the dry conditions — particularly at the start of the month — are even more of a draw for the kinds of fish you want to catch in Costa Rica. Keep in mind, however, that both precipitation and cloud cover begin to increase gradually over the course of this month. Enjoy the dry conditions while they last; the average rainfall starts going up in March and doesn’t really stop until the end of the rainy season.

March isn’t a particularly windy month, but it’s also not the calmest month. Expect average wind speeds around two or three miles per hour. Also, the water temperature will stay fairly constant at a balmy 84 degrees F.

What’s Biting This March in Costa Rica?

All that great fishing weather translates to some incredible March fishing in Costa Rica. Here’s what you might see coming onto the boat this month.


Rooster fish at the los suenos

The biggest fishing excitement is definitely offshore this month, but you will still find plenty to catch inshore — particularly if you have a charter guide who knows the good inshore spots.

For example, bottom-dwelling grouper are fairly common inshore near Jaco and Los Suenos at this time of year. And while the roosterfish are declining this month, they aren’t a rare sight (and they are always an amazing fight).

Perhaps the most exciting inshore catch this month is the tarpon. These silver monsters can top 200 pounds with relative ease, and they love hanging out by the mouths of rivers in the shallows around this time of year.



Why is offshore fishing in Costa Rica so exciting in March? Because March is the last month of the big peak of marlin and sailfish activity off of the Central Pacific Coast. The marlin are also biting like crazy this time of year, but you will find them quite a bit farther out than you will find the sailfish.

March is truly an incredible month to fish offshore in Costa Rica. Don’t believe us? If you’re not yet willing to come see it for yourself, all you have to do is look at the fishing tournament schedule. The Offshore World Championship Sportfishing Tournament is held off of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast in April of every year. There’s a great reason for that, and it means March is an incredible time to get down here and reel in a monster offshore.

Other offshore catches to expect if you’re fishing in Costa Rica in March include wahoo and mahi mahi, (dorado) — both of which make for an incredible meal.

March Madness, Costa Rica Fishing Style

It may be March Madness in the United States, but Costa Rica has a little March Madness of its own. But in this case, ours takes place below the surface instead of on a basketball court. We promise — it’s just as fun, if not more fun.

We’re ready to help you make your fishing dreams a reality by booking your charter and accommodations. If you’re thinking about fishing in Costa Rica this March, it’s time to contact the team at Adventure Tours Costa Rica.

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