Los Suenos Fishing: A timely "FAD"
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A timely "FAD"

Date Published:
Nov 12, 2012
A timely "FAD"

The Green season has finally come to an end for Los Suenos fishing, and the high/dry-season is getting in to full swing.

The past month has provided an excellent mix of fishing opportunities for many species inshore and offshore.

Thus far it is looking to be a turnaround year for the Mahi- Mahi (Dorado) fishing which has been surprisingly slow over the past 2 years around Los Suenos. The Dorado fishing has started showing up in good numbers and is becoming almost an everyday catch again.

The first week of October we had a large FAD (Fish Aggregating Device - pretty much a few wooden pallets entangled in a huge mess of rope and old nets), floating around for several days in the area known as the “ Craters” about 25 miles out from Los Suenos Marina. This floating mess of debris was absolutely loaded with fish that had gathered as it drifted along from who knows where.

Objects floating in the ocean over time become like an oasis in the desert - sort of a micro-ecosystem which becomes the home for a whole food chain of species.

The first days that the local Los Suenos charter boats found it, it was incredible fishing. Some boats reported up to six shots at marlin that day while trolling around it.

You could also find all the Gaffer Dorado (20 to 40 pound range) you wanted to catch around the FAD. Most charter boats would return to the Los Suenos dock with 10 or 12 of these nice-sized fish for dinner.

Trolling around the perimeter of the FAD there were lots of sailfish. It was also loaded with small football-sized Yellow Fin tunas and a few small Wahoo’s as well.

The FAD slowly drifted offshore, just a couple miles a day giving boats the opportunity to find it and fish for several days in a row. until a couple days of heavy weather gave it the chance to drift off into the ocean.

Throughout the rest of the month, the Mahi fishing was pretty steady. Most charter boats were getting two to five bites a, as well as two to five sailfish bites per day.

There still are a few pods of spinner dolphins hanging around some bigger Yellow Fin
Tunas swimming around out there too.

It was a surprisingly good month for Blue Marlin. There were many days fishing when the bite would turn on and everybody fishing out of Los Suenos would get at a shot at The Man In The Blue Suit. Most of these fish average 200-350 lbs in Costa Rica, but can be much larger as well. I fished this past Sunday and went 2 for 2 on Blue Marlins. One was about 200lbs. and the other was a little over 400lbs.

Inshore fishing from Los Suenos has been good throughout the month. The Rooster fishing action has been good across the Gulf of Nicoya around Tambor, Tortuga and Islas Negritas. Most days boats fishing in the area have been landing two to six of these tough-fighting fish, along with a mix of a few other species- Jacks, Mackerels, sometimes even Dorados.

This time of year the Gulf of Nicoya can actually provide some excellent fishing for Dorado. If you come across any current lines accumulating floating debris, you’re usually in good shape.

To the south, out around the “26 Rock” there have still been a few Wahoos, as well as lots of Football Yellow Fins and Skip Jacks to catch trolling. Using live bait in this area has produced some large snappers and amberjacks.

November and December traditionally has excellent runs of marlin, and the large populations of sailfish begin to move into the area.
It looks like it will be a good season for Dorado, and there should still be a few nice tunas passing through over the next couple months.

Inshore Los Suenos fishing is typically good year round, it just a matter where you fish, there should be more Roosters moving into the areas off the beach to the south, along with more Cubera Snappers.

Be sure to tune back in with us for the Los Suenos Marlin Invitational and World billfish Series being held in early December this year – We’ll have the best covering and, as always, the best Los Suenos Fishing Report around!

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