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Year Round Surfing in Beautiful Costa Rica

Date Published:
Jun 12, 2014
Year Round Surfing in Beautiful Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers something for everyone. From the beautiful beaches to the relaxed environment, it is a type of paradise on Earth, especially if you enjoy surfing. A combination of factors make this the ideal location for surfing, including the warm water, clean beaches, and the overall tranquility of the area. The surf is always ready and waiting. The fact is, you can surf here all year long.

Ideal Locations for Surfing

All coasts offer some level of surfing. Take a look at some of the options available, including what makes each destination unique.

The Caribbean Coast

Due to the tropical storms, this is not the best location for surfing all year long. If you are up for a challenge though, the summer months can be intense. Storms kick up throughout this area and can lead to very big waves. This is also where you will find Puerto Viejo, which is perhaps the most popular surf destination here.

North Pacific Coast

The Guanacaste Province Province on the North Pacific Coast is another hot spot. This is also a good area for diving. Witch's Rock, which you will find on Playa Naranjo, is one of the best breaks in Costa Rica and a must for any experienced surfer. Playa Grande, also in this area, has nice swimming conditions and consistent swells, though not as aggressive. This is the place to come if you want something for every level of surfer.

Central Pacific Coast

Yet another area worth considering is the central portion of the Pacific Coast, especially in the area of Playa Escondida. It is a good point break. If you are visiting San Jose, you'll find these beaches the ideal choice for surfing due to their short distance from the city. Boca Barranca is a left break right at a river mouth. This creates the longest ride in the country. You'll like the beaches in this area, too.
It's important to know that most beaches in Costa Rica make surfing enjoyable. All you have to do is to purchase a surf tour package so you can get the intense ride you are craving. The good news is a variety of options exist that offer something for just about every type of surfer out there.