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Why Whitewater Rafters Seek this Thrill

Date Published:
Jun 24, 2014
Why Whitewater Rafters Seek this Thrill

When it is time to take to the rapids with some truly challenging and enjoyable whitewater rafting, the place to start is in Costa Rica. Whitewater rafting is something you can do at various locations throughout the country. As you plan your next vacation here, it may be time to plan to visit these destinations, known specifically for their whitewater rafting opportunities. With raging water and rocks, you are sure to enjoy big twists and turns here.

The Naranjo River

Perhaps one of the best places to start your trip is at the Naranjo River. Whitewater rafters will find these Class IV rapids to be ideal for moderate to experienced individuals. There's plenty to enjoy on this type of half day trip.

The trip does have some interesting features, including the drop from the Talamanca Mountains into the Quepos and Manuel Antonio area. If you are ambitious, book a tour to head down this river. You'll find that, so long as you are physically fit, it is a challenge, but not out of the question for the first time rafter.

Saverge Rafting

For a bit more of a relaxed tour, check out the Savegre. This is not a boring trip by any means, because it offers plenty of twists and turns. Yet, it is a Class III rapids ride, which means that the first timer will likely fit right in here for a rafting experience. This is also a full day trip, depending on where you embark. You'll see waterfalls and natural pools of water throughout. You'll move through the mountain valley and have some incredible scenery along the way. And, towards the end of the trip, things get a bit more dicey, with increased intensity and some rough waters. But, you'll love the way this river flows.

If you are planning a whitewater rafting experience, there is no doubt that Costa Rica will keep you busy. It is the type of location you'll love experiencing no matter what level of experience you have. There are numerous rivers and tributaries throughout the area, lots of wildlife, waterfalls, and even some beaches worth exploring.