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Seg Your Way Through Beautiful Costa Rica- Costa Rica Vacation Segway Tours

Date Published:
Jun 26, 2014
Seg Your Way Through Beautiful Costa Rica- Costa Rica Vacation Segway Tours

Every year people plan their vacations. Typically those plans include the usual itineraries, filled with the same boring activities like visiting the local tourist attractions, and all too familiar restaurant chains.
Getting around during your vacation will involve driving a compact rental car or taking taxies or other local transportation and where’s the fun in that?
There is an alternative to your routine vacation that you've planned and saved for the entire year. Think outside the box, actually think outside the U.S. and plan an anything but a typical vacation in beautiful Costa Rica.
The first thing you’ll discover as you begin planning this vacation is that there are several Costa Rica destinations to include seeing on your trip such as:

  • Los Suenos Costa Rica
  • Jaco Costa Rica

There are also three islands that are part of Costa Rica that include cocos island, Puntarenas , and Calero Island. These are great destinations for experiencing Costa Rican Culture, fun and diversity. You’ll also discover that there are many different kinds of tours that are available to you to choose from. Some of the tours that may interest you include some of the following:

  • Segway Tours
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Canopy Tours
  • Tortuga Catamaran Tours

Why not explore the jungles of Costa Rica during a Costa Rican jungle tour. There are several different rainforest tours to choose from such as a Rainforest Waterfall tour, or the Rainforest Tour Del Campo. For those who enjoy a nice drink or two there’s the Jungle Booze Cruise and an evening Rainforest Sunset tour.
When it comes to traveling and seeing the sites of beautiful Costa Rica there’s no better way to travel than your own personal motorized Segway.
A Segway tour explores the beauty of Costa Rica at your speed. Experience local beaches, the jungle trails, Nahomi Park, and you’ll even have the opportunity to ride a ferry to Cocal Island and tour some of the jungle paths viewing some of the local animals and vegetation.
So abandon routine and typical vacations and hop on board a plane, so you can quickly experience the paradise and many amenities of Costa Rica.