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The Rapids of the Naranjo River

Date Published:
May 15, 2014
The Rapids of the Naranjo River

The Naranjo River of idyllic Costa Rica begins in the Talamanca Mountain Range, winding through canyons before it finally reaches the Pacific coast, east of Quepos, at which point it declines steeply into farmland, plantations, and the vast rainforests for which Costa Rica is known for. The river winds through yet more canyons until it finally calms, and in the end, you’ll know that you have been truly challenged by the river as a rafter.

Yes, that’s right, a rafter – the best way to see the Naranjo River and the natural beauty that the river has to offer is through whitewater rafting. As a river with both Class III and Class IV rapids, its challenging twists and turns can a veteran rafter a real run for their money, while a more inexperienced rafter need only ensure that they are rafting with a guide who can take them along the more scenic and less-challenging areas of the river.

Embrace the Challenge

The Naranjo River is, nevertheless, a great experience for thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies, fans of extreme sports, and those who are real devotees to the sport/activity/world of rafting. You should be certain that you have the right amount of experience to take on certain of the rapids before you hit the river, as being unprepared can in fact be dangerous – that’s why it is recommended that more inexperienced rafters instead travel with a guide and stick to only the calmer waters that the Naranjo offers. Don’t worry – even those will prove a great challenge and learning experience!

Of course, a day on the Naranjo River is about far more than the water itself; you are surrounded, after all, by the lush and pristine rainforests of Costa Rica, all courtesy of the extreme lengths to which the Costa Rican government goes to safeguard and protect its natural heritage. In a time when logging, urbanization, and other factors are threatening to wipe these incredibly beautiful and diverse rainforests off the map, Costa Rica is working hard to ensure that its rainforests will be here for generations to come – and you get to benefit from their efforts!

What to Expect

Along the Naranjo River you can enjoy the pools, waterfalls, and other idyllic spots for relaxation that naturally crop up along the undisturbed rivers of Costa Rica. Even better, you can observe the wildlife that inhabits the rainforest as you pass by – wildlife that you typically wouldn’t see if you stuck to the beaten path and took a typical tour of the Costa Rican rainforest. With Adventure Tours Costa Rica, there is nothing typical about it!