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An Adventure on the Waters of Costa Rica

Date Published:
May 20, 2014
An Adventure on the Waters of Costa Rica

The Savegre River in Costa Rica is a serious rafter’s river: powerful, beautiful, and challenging, the navigating the Savegre is an experience that you will not soon forget. If you decide that the Savegre River is for you, you should ensure that you are taking a highly experienced guide with you to help you along your trip; after all, there is more to the river than the river itself.

What the River Offers

For example, there are a number of incredible swimming spots along the way where you can relax and take a load off; your vacation shouldn’t be 100% intense, or you may come home more tired than when you left! Many of these swimming spots have some of the most beautiful waterfalls you’ve ever seen cascading into the river, proving that Costa Rica really is a slice of paradise on earth. Where else can you just casually stumble upon an incredible scene straight out of the movies as if it were just another swimming hole?

Along the river, you will encounter more than opportunities to swim. There will be several villages situated along the river, many of which date back centuries; you can experience a diverse array of cultures in those villages, something that many tourists miss when they stick to the “beaten path” that many Costa Rican rainforest tours offer. Additionally, along the river, rafters will have an opportunity to see a variety of wildlife that few get to see, including egrets, osprey, toucans, parrots, and other rainforest inhabitants.

A Unique Journey

As challenging as the Savegre can be, it is not an impossible river to take on when you have an experienced guide to lead you. With Adventure Tours Costa Rica, you can enjoy a journey down the Savegre whether you are a first-time whitewater rafter or a veteran rafter, as the Class III rapids of the river provide both a great learning opportunity and a real adrenaline rush!

You can expect to encounter canyons, waterfalls, wildlife, and rainforest throughout your journey, giving you a view of the natural, preserved rainforests of Costa Rica that so many come for while taking you off the beaten path. Much of the journey is spent on the river and touring the waters, but time in the rainforest and the villages along the river will not soon be forgotten either.

As you progress into the lower Savegre, you will find that the waters are a little less challenging and more relaxing, offering more opportunity to take in your surroundings. The upper Savegre, on the other hand, will truly challenge you as an athlete and traveller. Both experiences are something you can’t find anywhere else in the world, though, and are surely worth it.