La Fortuna, Costa Rica: Best Time to Visit | What to Expect
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The Best Time to Visit La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Date Published:
Apr 20, 2022
The Best Time to Visit La Fortuna, Costa Rica

It’s always a good time to go to Costa Rica! However, we understand personal preferences regarding weather and crowds may tip the scales for you to visit during a few select times of the year. So, we are sharing some information here to help you choose the best months to plan your trip to La Fortuna!

La Fortuna: An Overview

La Fortuna is located in the Alajuela province, the second largest province of Costa Rica. This stunning destination is tropical year-round, with the rainy season from May to December and the dryer season from mid-December to April.

The dry season is peak tourist season, so the area will be more crowded. Outdoor adventures may be more enjoyable during these months due to the dryer weather. However, the weather in La Fortuna can be unpredictable – there are sporadic downpours during the dry season and days with no rain during the wet season. Our top tip is to prepare for anything!

Weather in La Fortuna

While weather can be unpredictable, knowing the averages in a region can help you plan your trip!

The hottest months in La Fortuna are February, March, and April. Late March sees average high temperatures around 88˚F (31.1˚C) and lows in the mid-60s (around 18˚C). Dryer days tend to occur in January, February, and March, with the lowest chance of rain in mid-January.

La Fortuna has a tropical climate, so it is always humid! However, some months are less humid than others. The lowest humidity typically occurs in February, averaging around 49.8% relative humidity. The highest humidity happens in October, with 81.5% relative humidity.

Traveling to La Fortuna

If you fly into San Jose and want to hop on a flight to La Fortuna, a one-hour flight from San Jose to La Fortuna operates one time per day. This flight is typically around $90 one-way and lasts for 20 minutes.

Renting a car and driving is another popular option. The drive from either the San Jose airport or Liberia airport to La Fortuna takes three and a half hours. It is advisable to drive during daylight hours due to weather and road conditions, such as high winds and unpaved streets.

Costa Rica does have a national taxi service if you prefer not to drive yourself. Travel tip - make sure your taxi driver is bi-lingual for ease of communication throughout the trip!

All of these transportation options are available year-round.

Whichever month you choose to book your trip to La Fortuna, you are in for an unforgettable adventure! Adventure Tours Costa Rica would love to help you with your trip to Costa Rica. Contact us today online or call 1-800-761-7250.