The 5 Things You Should Wear on Your ATV Tour in Costa Rica
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The 5 Things You Should Wear on Your ATV Tour

Date Published:
Nov 15, 2019
The 5 Things You Should Wear on Your ATV Tour

If you’re adventuring includes ATV rides through rainforests, into mountain ravines or along seaside spots like Jaco Beach, you’ll want to know what to wear. Here are the essentials.

Gloves for an ATV ride

1) Gloves

This is probably one of the most overlooked aspects when people are planning adventure vacations but could turn out to be one of the most important. If you’re out tearing through the wilds with your hands exposed, there’s a good chance for something like, say, a few tree branch scrapes or untended bumps against almost anything. You don’t want to spend the rest of your trip with a cut on the hand that requires a band-aid or more. A simple pair of gloves can be your best companion. As you’ll likely be cruising through a tropical landscape, think light.

If you’re into some serious riding, you probably want to consider pro-style gloves, something with a good grip that will improve your hold on the handlebars. Riding gear is easily available all over the internet and you can look for something vented that will let your hands breathe. If your riding will be a bit more casual, any big home improvement store will have a selection of light work gloves that should do the trick. For something flashier, consider soccer goalie gloves found at sporting goods stores.

2) Some Sturdy Shoes

You’ve come to a tropical paradise to let loose, and surely you’ve brought your flip flops, sandals, maybe your awesome aqua shoes. They’re all geared towards freeing your feet from the city or cold-weather constraints and primed to put your toes in the sand. This footwear may be fine for strolling on a beach, or even a light nature walk. But if you’re whipping through rugged terrain, you want to keep your feet protected. Best to go with something durable, such as hiking boots, that can offer some ankle protection. But a basic pair of tennis shoes will protect your feet from any bits of brush or kicked up stones that may threaten to hit your feet.

Girl enjoying her ATV tour

3) A Durable Pair of Pants

If you’ve traveled through much of the world, chances are you’ve seen people on the roads riding motorcycles while wearing shorts (even flip flops!). It’s common. And it’s not smart. One slip and your legs are exposed to a world of hurt.

Sure, ATV rides are safer than riding a motorcycle on the street, both in terms of their stability and there’s just more of a chance of hitting something hard in an urban setting. But the same principle applies. Beyond the brush that may scrape your legs, there’s heat from the ATV itself to consider. Avoid light pants that could easily tear. A good pair of jeans will do the trick, or perhaps something that’s equally durable like a solid pair of work pants.

4) Long-Sleeved Shirt

Leave the tank top for the beach and your favorite short-sleeved tee for less high-octane adventures. If you’re going to be rolling through a rainforest, across volcanic lands or along a sun-blasted beach, you’re going to want to cover up your arms. As with pants, think light -- breathable cotton works pretty well. Go button up if you want to open things up or roll up your sleeves during rests on the ride.

5) Sunscreen

You’ve decided to follow the advice of the first four on this list. Your legs will be covered by pants, arms shielded by long sleeves and hands protected by gloves. You’ll be wearing a helmet for further protection. So why would you need sunscreen?

Well, the sun is going to work its way in to shine on your skin no matter what. Whether it’s a helmet-free break before soaring views over the ocean, or a refreshing dip in a natural pool under a plunging waterfall, you will not always be covered by all of your gear all of the time. So apply some sunscreen before heading off, bring a small bottle along, and ensure your amazing ATV trip won’t get soured by sunburn.

So whether you’re cruising the tropical landscape around Los Suenos or seeking adventure elsewhere, wear these five things to suit up right for your ATV tour.