Costa Rican Canopy: Take a Natural Vacation!
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Take a Natural Vacation in the Costa Rican Canopy

Date Published:
Jul 08, 2014
Take a Natural Vacation in the Costa Rican Canopy

Once restricted to researchers, the rainforest canopy has been opened up to tourists to explore its beauty. Like another world on top of the rainforest, the canopy is home to unique plants and animals. If you plan to spend your holidays in Costa Rica, don't miss the opportunity to visit this wildlife paradise.
What Is A Forest Canopy?
The rainforest canopy is one of the less studied habitats, but it holds an important role on the planet. There are many undiscovered creatures in the canopy. This world extends from the tops of the trees down to where the sun can't barely be seen. In some of the Costa Rican rainforests, the canopy can be from 50 to 130 feet high. At each level, different plants and animals have adapted to the amount of light and moisture available to them.
Weather in the Canopy
The canopy is often sunnier and drier than at the floor of the rainforest. The plants at the top of the canopy are the first to get the rains when they fall, creating a lush, green environment. The canopy holds in the moisture as it falls to the ground creating the characteristic humidity in the forest below.
Plants in the Canopy
The canopy is full of plants and animals that never touch the rainforest floor. So little is known about this environment that you are likely to see a new species of plant or animal on your trip through the canopy.
The trees in the rainforest provide the basis on which other plants grow. You will find vines, palms and ferns growing in the canopy. Mosses and lichens cover the tree bark. Orchids and bromeliads sprout out of dirt trapped in leaves and branches. Mistletoe and a variety of fig can often be found.
Animals in the Canopy

From colorful caterpillars to the white-throated capuchin monkeys, you'll see a variety of wildlife in the canopy. The fruit and flower eating howler monkey has a distinctive roar when they communicate. Spider monkeys can be seen low in the canopy. Jamaican fruit bats, harmless to people, can be seen flying over the canopy to their feeding grounds. Three-toed sloths can be seen if you're patient. These slow moving creatures never leave the trees.
Birds are some of the most numerous animals you'll find. Macaws, toucans, quetzals and a variety of hummingbirds can be seen making their way through the different layers of the canopy. Costa Rica is a favorite destination for bird watchers.
A Natural Place to Vacation
If you enjoy wildlife and have a sense of discovery, a Costa Rica all inclusive vacation with a trip to the canopy is an ideal way to spend your vacation. Take your camera and your curiosity. You may have the opportunity to view plants and animals that have never been seen before.