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Surprise Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica

Date Published:
Jan 15, 2022
Surprise Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica

Surprise Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re either filled with excitement because you have a fantastic gift or surprise planned for your significant other, or you’re filled with dread because you’re coming up blank on Valentine’s Day ideas.

If you’re in that second category, let us help you move into the first category — the one that’s a lot more fun. Here’s your idea: Surprise your Valentine’s Day date with a getaway to beautiful, romantic Costa Rica.

Whether you’re already going to be in the country on Feb. 14 and need ideas of Valentine’s Day activities or you are planning a surprise out-of-country trip, this blog post has you covered. Read on for help planning your surprise Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica, or reach out to Adventure Tours Costa Rica now to start booking your accommodations and activities.

An International Getaway: Isn’t It Romantic?

Costa Rica Gataway

You did earrings last year and chocolates and flowers before that. Isn’t it time to change it up? And no, that doesn’t mean you need to break out the checkbook and start shopping for diamonds. Think bigger, but probably less expensive: an international getaway.

There’s nothing more romantic than sweeping someone off of their feet and taking them to a breathtakingly beautiful foreign country they have never seen before. Costa Rica, in particular, is a great option because of all the sights and wonders it has to offer.

For those based in the Northern Hemisphere, there’s an added bonus to taking your Valentine to Costa Rica: The weather is much, much nicer in Tico country than it is in most of the Northern Hemisphere. Expect highs in the mid 80s (Fahrenheit) and lows in the mid 70s.

Día de Los Enamorados in Costa Rica

Horseback Riding

As it turns out, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Costa Rica. It’s just called something different: Día de Los Enamorados. So if you’re in the country on Feb. 14, the environs will be on theme.

Much like couples in the rest of the world, Costa Rican couples exchange cards and gifts and book romantic dinners on Valentine’s Day, but they also tend to make their way to something a little more visually appealing. It’s not uncommon for couples to visit one of Costa Rica’s active or dormant volcanoes or travel to either side of the country to spend some face time together on one of the country’s world-class beaches.

How to Surprise Your Valentine in Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud forest

At this point, you’re probably convinced — at least, we hope so for your date’s sake.

Costa Rica is where it’s at on Valentine’s Day. But what should you do once you get here? We’ve got plenty of ideas:

  • Visit the cloud forest. The Monteverde Cloud Forest is one of the most unique ecosystems on the planet. Clouds linger in the canopy to create a dreamlike and unforgettable natural experience perfect for holding hands and taking it all in.

  • Go horseback riding. Costa Rica and horses go way back. When you get here, you can book one of dozens of horseback riding tours through the countryside, down the beach — whatever your Valentine’s heart desires.

  • Zip through the canopy. Those with more adventurous significant others may opt for one of Costa Rica’s many zipline experiences. For one that’s unique to Costa Rica’s incredible natural ecosystems, try a zipline course that takes you through the rainforest canopy.

  • Head to the beach. Costa Rica bears the unique distinction of having coast along both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Here’s what that means for you and your date: You have plenty of gorgeous beaches to choose from.

  • Learn to surf together. Once you’re at the beach, you may as well have your “when in Rome” moment and learn to surf like the locals. Plenty of beach-side courses are taught in English and meant for beginners.

  • See exotic wildlife. Throughout Costa Rica, you’ll find dozens of tours and guided walks that take you through natural environments filled with wildlife you can’t see anywhere else in the world. That’s about as unique and special as a Valentine’s Day gift can get.

Make This Valentine’s Day One for the Books in Costa Rica

Dia de los Enamorados Costa Rica

Valentine’s Day isn’t about the price tag of the gift you give. It’s about doing something memorable with or for the person you love. What could be more memorable than a surprise Valentine’s Day in Costa Rica?

Active volcanoes, a refreshing and wonderful culture, world-class cuisine, and unbeatable beaches — you really can’t ask for more in a Valentine’s Day gift. That’s Costa Rica for Valentine’s Day.

Ready to stop dreaming about a romantic excursion and make it a reality? Contact Adventure Tours Costa Rica. For lodging, activities, transportation, and more, we’re your go-to travel company in Costa Rica. Give us a call at 1-800-761-7250 or contact us online today.