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Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica|Surfing Playa Jaco

Date Published:
Apr 21, 2015
Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica|Surfing Playa Jaco

“Pop up now!” shouts your surf instructor. Feel the joy as you stand up on that board and ride the surf for the first time. Become one with nature, whoop with delight and ride the Pacific's waves and foamy whitewaters in Costa Rica.

A vacation in Costa Rica is never complete without a daring surfing experience. You may be thinking that you do not have the slightest clue on how to surf, but don't worry. If you fancy surfing and have never had to chance to learn, surfing lessons in Costa Rica are available. You will get the chance to have fun and learn an exciting adrenaline sport at the same time.

The great thing about surfing tours in Costa Rica is that you can surf all year round. The temperatures and the water movements are consistently great for surfers.

In the last few years Costa Rica has become one of the world´s top surf destinations. It is called "the Hawaii of Latin American surfing" because of its 700 mile coastline of consistent year-round surf, warm waters, affordable rates, easy access to breaks, wonderfully friendly people, professional surf instructors and international surfing tournaments.

Jaco Costa Rica is the best place to surf because in twenty minutes you can hit 10 beaches along the Central Pacific Highway. If you don't have any experience, Playa Jaco is the perfect place to learn surfing in Costa Rica. Playa Jaco, AKA Jaco Beach, has smaller waves than the nearby beaches. This beach on the Pacific Coast has an exposed beach break with consistent surf. It offers both left and right waves to practice on. And as you get more proficient, it is just ten minutes from Hermosa where the 2009 Billabong World surf tournament was held.

You don't have to be a beginner to benefit from surfing lessons in Costa Rica. Many experienced surfers have taken advantage of the professional surf instructors in order to improve their technique.

Surfing classes are usually a 1-3 instructor-to-student ratio. They are a great way to receive quality instruction at a good rate. If you have never been surfing before and are one of the truly terrified, consider a solo lesson for your first time out. The more you practice the more confidence you will build in yourself.

Building confidence is an important aspect of surfing. This is an adrenaline sport that has very spiritual aspects. It not only teaches you how to remain in the present but also increases your mind body connection, improves mental focus, builds strength, agility, balance and a sense of your own body. You will also learn your Costa Rica surf instructor's philosophy of living, Pura Vida, pure life.

Take your first step and book a Costa Rica surfing tour. You will find there are all inclusive packages and individual packages available for all types of surfers from novice to expert.