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Spend Your Honeymoon Enjoying the Tranquility and Natural Beauty of Costa Rica

Date Published:
Jun 15, 2021
Spend Your Honeymoon Enjoying the Tranquility and Natural Beauty of Costa Rica

Spend Your Honeymoon Enjoying the Tranquility and Natural Beauty of Costa Rica

Beach Front

With its lush green rainforests, beautiful beaches, rich culture, rugged terrain, and some of the best coffee on the planet it truly is a rare gem.

Costa Rica is in the Central American isthmus connecting North and South America.

This Latin American country is one of the most visited vacation and honeymoon destinations for travelers’ hands down.

Great for Honeymooners and Families

Off road tours

If you’re planning a honeymoon this year or a family vacation to get away from being locked in and locked down amid the global pandemic your destination should be Costa Rica.

If you want beautiful scenery, Costa Rica has not one but two gorgeous coastlines, the Pacific Coast and the Caribbean Coast. This is a place where beauty reigns supreme, the native people are friendly, restaurants create cuisine to whet all appetites and activities abound from exploring by ATV to surfing the waves.

Costa Rica offers luxury with adventure for new honeymooners as well as adults and families who want something other than the usual vacation.

Adventure Tours, and More

Not sure where to begin? Adventure Tours Costa Rica, a premier tour operator and travel agency specializing in Jaco, Los Suenos, La Fortuna, Carara, and Tortuga areas can help you have the time of your life.

It is one of the longest-running tour operators in the area and knows no bounds when offering both custom tour itineraries and packages.

Things to Do and See in Costa Rica

ATV Tours

Don’t hesitate to hop on an ATV and see all of Costa Rica instead of a car or ‘Oh and Ah’ over Costa Rica’s wildlife.

Zipline through the jungles like Tarzan or simply kick back on the beach catching some rays.

How about surfing through Costa Rica’s 800 miles of coastline or taking a day trip to Tortuga where you can enjoy delicious foods, have a picnic on the beach, or simply do nothing but relax. Vacationing in Costa Rica is one of the best and most exciting trips you can take with your family or as a newly married couple.

Even the kids will have a blast doing any of the activities above and stop refraining from the tried and true, “We’re bored there’s nothing to do.”

Adults can also join in or find many off-the-beaten path adventures any time of the day to complete a vacation they sorely need.

Beautiful Hotels and Beaches

Villa Caletas Hotel

Honeymooners can relax after the stress of planning a wedding in one of Costa Rica’s beautiful luxury resorts or hotels where they can be catered to from morning till night.

Relax on pristine beaches or go shopping for new home goods, and dine by candlelight at one of the many eating establishments.

Don’t forget to go zip lining together and hold onto each other tight, or walk hand-in-hand looking for souvenirs, and local crafts.

There’s so much to do in Costa Rica you’ll want to return to the country again and again for years to come to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or any special milestones.

Wildlife and Nature Abounds

Macaws on a green tree

Love wildlife? From swinging monkeys to colorful Macaws and big Sea Turtles there’s plenty of wildlife and nature to see in Costa Rica.

For instance, there’s more than 34,000 species of insects in Costa Rica, and Costa Rica is home to more than ten percent of all the species of butterfly in the world.

Experts say Costa Rica has around 615 species of animal per 10,000 square miles.

COVID-19 Precautions

Monkeys in a tree

Got your bags packed?

Costa Rica and its people look forward to seeing you and making sure your vacation to this paradise is unforgettable.

It’s easy to see why the national motto of Costa Rica is “Pura Vida!” which means “simple life” or “pure life,” as it applies to this special vacation destination for honeymooners, families, and anyone else who wants to find paradise.

It also not hard to see why Costa Rica is on the top of the “Happiest Latin American Countries” list in World Happiness Report.